• Unity

    Behind every balcony there’s a different life
    Different stories how each inhabitant survives
    And no matter how different or separate they may seem
    In the end it’s always the same house they’re all living in


  • Adventures calling

    On a plane high up in the sky
    Below snowcapped mountains are passing by
    Up here the engines are hauling
    But I only hear how foreign adventures are calling


  • Fragments

    Life often doesn’t draw a precise picture
    We see tiny fragments through the cracks
    But trust, with time the structure
    Will fill in all the blanks


  • Touch

    I will touch you cautiously
    I will touch you slow
    I will take my time 
    Until we know where this will go

    A touch may give you pleasure
    But it can also cause you pain
    Real Pleasure only comes
    If our feelings are the same

    I do not want to scar your skin
    I want both our wounds to heal
    But yet I do not know
    How I really feel

    Lover do not turn away
    Do not misread my hesitation
    I like you way too much
    To end all this in more frustration

    Cause I’ve been through it all
    I have rushed these things before
    I broke so many times
    My heart can’t take it any more

    So lover give me time
    Just a little more
    And I promise I will touch you
    Like no other woman’s touch has felt before


  • Promise

    I do not know
    If we will be together
    Through any storm
    Through any weather

    But I will try to fall in love with you
    Every single day anew



  • Stability

    Trees root down
    On solid ground
    While their leaves fly high
    To touch the sky

    Dear one, in order to be free
    you need to seek stability


  • Fluid Wisdom

    Don’t tell me that water is not alive
    The lakes, the rivers and the oceans
    For they have told me more truth
    Than any human ever did

    The mystic of the ocean

  • Shimmering

    I feel it deep within
    a light a glow a shimmering 
    something rooted in my veins 
    that guides me on my ways

    It’s an inner voice so gentle
    and it helps me to dismantle
    all my thoughts my fears my doubts 
    all the bad things that arouse

    Sometimes quiet hard to hear
    At times shouting through my ear 
    At times it bursts out of my chest 
    A love so strong I can’t hold back

    I feel it deep within
    a light a glow a shimmering 
    something rooted in my veins 
    that guides me on my ways

    It brings out all the good
    all my hopes my dreams my goals 
    it’s my inner peace my home
    let’s me know I’m not alone

    Sometimes quiet hard to hear
    At times shouting through my ear 
    At times it bursts out of my chest 
    A love so strong I can’t hold back

    Sometimes quiet hard to hear
    At times shouting through my ear 
    At times it bursts out of my chest
    A love so strong I can’t hold back


  • Running meditation

    I run and I run
    Let all the thoughts come
    I run and I run
    Till all thoughts are gone


  • Follow your heart

    Your heart knows the way
    Don’t let your eyes fool you
    While they only see what they know
    The heart perceives what’s way beyond



    As I watch you sleeping
    I try to find out what I feel
    Could this be something
    Could this be something real

    Will we last forever and ever
    Are you the one?
    And if it gets windy
    Can we make it through the storm

    Can we be good to each other
    Even at times when it seems that we can’t
    Can we accept the other
    Including all the parts we don’t understand

    Can you hold me tight
    On days when I’m falling
    And can you set me free
    On days when the world is calling (for me)

    Are we able to let us
    Go our own and individual way
    Watch and cheer from the sideline
    And jump in if one of us goes astray

    Are we willing to forgive
    All the mistakes we will make
    Can we look past our faults
    And always see the person behind the mistake

    Will we remain honest friends 
    Throughout the years
    And communicate clearly
    All of our desires, insecurities and fears

    Will we continue to laugh
    About nonsense, this mad world and ourselves
    Can we keep it lightly
    Even if life puts heavy weights on our shelves 

    Will our bodies still desire each other
    Even after the thousandth touch
    Still long for the ecstasy
    Of which we can’t get enough

    Will you still love me 
    When I’m old and grey
    when my eyes and breasts are wrinkled
    And my booty shows signs of decay

    Will we hold hands
    On that day when death invites one of us to leave
    Will the memories we have built together
    Save us from drowning in grief

    Will this life be better
    If we stay together?

    All of these questions
    Are floating around
    Do we need all the answers
    To figure this out?

    Because for now we are here
    Wrapped up side by side
    and as I watch you breathing
    There’s no place I’d rather hide

    We’ll just take it from here
    One step at a time
    No rush and no hurry
    Let’s just follow the signs

    I’ll give you my all
    For as long as I can
    For as long as you
    Decide to be my man

    And then you woke up
    And your gaze met mine
    I put the questions aside
    And our bodies simply intertwined


  • Surf lesson

    One woman’s
    Is another woman’s
    waiting line


  • Art

    I long to talk about all the things I feel
    But it’s too much for many
    If things start to get too real
    When you unpack the garbage in front of their eyes
    Start to uncover all of the lies
    And you show them what’s really inside your heart
    That’s why I put my feelings into my art
    My writing, my music, my photography
    So everybody who wants can come and see
    How I make a straddle
    Through life’s constant battle
    Maybe they can relate too
    It might safe them a sorrow or two
    Because we are all wading through a puddle of dirt
    With clenched teeth, scratched skin and a torn shirt
    Fidgeting blindly and lying prone
    But all of us have to fight this battle alone
    No one else can remove your pain
    All they can do is hand you a cane
    For you to lean on
    For you to carry on
    Because we can help each other if we share
    How we feel when we end up down there
    Helpless, anxious and with no hope
    Maybe as a last resort we even start to pray to the pope
    But you do not have to wander all the way to Rome
    Eventually all the roads lead to your home
    To your soul, to your self
    And don’t doubt your mental health
    It can’t always be sunshine and rainbows
    What life’s struggle really shows
    Is how much potential you have
    And with each breath you manage to stay alive
    Though you may have reached your physical height
    Your spirit grows further and may take flight
    When you look back and you see how far you have come
    You’ll realize that we are all one

    So we should share our view
    Especially if we made it through
    We have to go back and pick those ones up
    Who are still struggling, who are still stuck
    Because next time it might be us who need direction
    Or a bandage for our soul’s fraction

    And I can truly say
    That art has already saved me in so many ways
    When you know you are not the only one
    Who feels empty, scared and alone
    That already eases the dark
    It’s like borrowing a lighter to ignite your own spark

    Our greatest gift is to learn from and with each other
    We’d still live in caves if we acted completely separate from one another
    That’s why we should talk about how we are feeling
    It’s not selfish, it’s healing

    So with my art I try to draw a map
    But please never forget
    That this is my way and might not be yours
    But it might inspire a lost sailor to find a new course


  • Wilder Mind

    With this wilder mind
    I am the wandering kind
    My restless feet take me around 
    I am not made to settle down

    Always moving never still
    Daily routines makes me ill
    A constant hunger for the new
    Infected with the travel flu

    Freedom hunter on the move
    Searching for a deeper truth
    Forever trying to find out
    What this life is all about

    Guided by my spirit’s lead
    At the pace of my heartbeat
    I have everything I need to know 
    To find out where I have to go


  • Depression pt.2

    Lately I’ve been on a ride
    Kind of how a rollercoaster feels like
    I got up so high I thought I could fly away
    Then dropped so low I though I might not see the end of day

    And I sat in between
    Watching things I thought can’t be seen
    Like my life was a movie out of control
    I was reduced to play a minor role
    Of a driver not able to arrive
    At her own life

    I got pushed like a ship in a storm
    My skin ripped and torn
    My feelings crashing over me like waves
    And that state went on for days

    When I finally thought I had my feet on the ground
    The world just turned upside down
    And what I thought I knew
    Just fell through

    I lay breathless on the bathroom floor
    Crying not knowing any more
    How I could get myself out of this
    And how I even came to sit in this mess

    I was choking on all the anger I’d swallowed
    On the inside I felt empty and hollowed
    And the only thing I could do was stare at the white wall
    Trying to breath, that was all

    And I felt so alone
    Freezing to the bone
    I longed for a warm hug
    But I just got tickled by the fringes of the bathroom rug

    There was no on that I could call
    Or at least they would not understand me at all
    Trying to explain how I felt
    Would be more exhausting than it would help

    I got so dizzy of all the events
    No more clue what it all meant
    But maybe that was the goal
    Summoned by my own soul

    To realize that what I thought was true
    Was just what I was told to do
    And who I believed I am
    Was an infiltrated scam

    Now from the bottom I can work my way up
    Dropping whatever baggage I’ve got
    Only taking with me what I really need
    To live the life that I want to lead

    So once more the darkness was not so bad at all
    Just a very rough wake up call
    But now that I am awake
    I see it was all for my own sake


  • Depression

    I’m just so tired
    Trying to explain
    The state that I’m in
    That I feel all this pain

    It’s so dark where I am
    the last match has burned out
    And nobody hears
    How I desperately shout

    And I am so sorry
    To put that burden on you
    You’re my last resort
    I don’t know what else to do

    I need you right now
    I’m falling apart
    There seems nothing left
    The world is breaking my heart

    There’s this question
    That keeps me awake
    How can something so shattered
    Continue to break


  • Du

    Ich bring mein Gesicht so nah an deins heran
    Bis ich die Welt um uns nicht mehr sehen kann
    Die Konturen verblassen und verlieren ihre Schärfe
    Und das Leben lockert seine Härte
    Ich vergess auf einmal alles um mich herum
    Selbst die lauten Stimmen in meinem Kopf werden plötzlich stumm
    Hör nur noch ein leises Pochen aus deiner Brust
    Mein Finger klopft den gleichen Takt – unbewusst
    Auf einmal ist die Luft ganz voll mit dir
    Das ultimative Weltverbesserungselexir
    Du schmeckst s√ľ√ü nach Sonne und Geborgenheit
    Losgelöst von Raum und Zeit
    Ein kleiner Hauch von Ewigkeit

  • Wie kann Liebe wachsen

    Wie kann Liebe wachsen
    Und wo bekomme ich die Saat
    In meinem Supermarkt um die Ecke
    Im Fachhandel
    Oder bestell ich sie besser online
    Wie bringe ich sie zum Keimen
    Welchen Nährboden verwende ich am Besten
    Wie viel Licht braucht sie
    Wie viel Aufmerksamkeit
    Wie viel muss ich selber tun
    Und wie viel wächst sie ganz von alleine
    Wie weiß ich, wann sie einen neuen Topf braucht
    Wenn ihre Wurzeln zu groß geworden sind 
    Und sie plötzlich mehr Platz einnimmt als zuvor
    Was passiert, wenn ich mich verändere oder umziehen will
    Kann ich sie einfach umstellen
    Kann sie sich so einfach an eine neue Umgebung gewöhnen
    Und wenn wir in verschiedene Richtungen wachsen wollen
    soll ich dann meine Bed√ľrfnisse zur√ľckstutzen
    damit sie weiter in ihrer gewohnten Umgebung florieren kann
    Oder ist es dann sogar besser, sie zur√ľck zu lassen
    Damit sie einen neuen Besitzer finden kann
    Der sie Artgerecht behandelt
    Was passiert, wenn ich vergesse sie zu gießen
    Wie schnell trocknet sie aus
    Wie lang danach kann ich sie noch retten
    Welchen D√ľnger kann ich verwenden
    Ist es gut mir ihr zu reden
    Wie viel meiner Aufmerksamkeit widme ich ihr
    Ohne sie zu ersticken
    Oder lass ich sie lieber sein
    Gebe ihr Raum 
    damit sie ihrem nat√ľrlichen Wuchs folgen kann
    Weil sie sich am besten selber heilt
    Und falls sie trotz aller F√ľrsorge eingeht
    Ist es wert um ihr Überleben zu kämpfen
    Wenn ja, wie lange
    Wann weiß ich
    Dass aus diesen kahlen, d√ľrren √Ąsten¬†
    kein neues Blatt mehr sprießen wird
    Und was mache ich wenn es wirklich so ist
    Wenn alle Lebensgeister daraus entschwunden sind
    Hei√üt das dass ich keinen gr√ľnen Daumen habe
    Dass ich √ľber kurz oder lange alles zum Verwelken bringe
    Oder war es einfach nicht die richtige Gattung f√ľr mich
    Soll ich sie dann sofort wegwerfen
    Oder lasse ich die kargen √úberreste noch etwas stehen
    Gieße weiterhin die trockene, tote Erde
    Und verleugne die offensichtliche Wahrheit 
    dass sie nicht wieder austreiben wird
    Wie lange muss ich trauern
    Wie lange werde ich an ihr Absterben erinnert
    wenn ich andere um mich herum bl√ľhen sehe
    Folgt wirklich auf jeden Winter auch ein Fr√ľhling
    Wann ist es Zeit zu akzeptieren
    Wann ist es Zeit loszulassen
    Wann ist es Zeit eine neue Saat zu säen


  • Enough

    Why is it that there are so many
    Who love me for me
    But for you I’m never enough
    Although I’ve tried so desperately

    Why do you persist on trying to change
    The way that I’m living
    You better take me as I am today
    Because tomorrow’s not given

    It’s so hard to keep up these roles
    Of our happy faced masquerade
    When do we finally stop
    To play our wicked game of charades

    I am done with fighting
    Feeling like I am never enough
    If you do not take me as I am
    You do not deserve my love


  • Just one!

    I often ask myself whether my writing makes any sense
    If the world even cares when I am taking a stance
    I guess not, on the first glance
    There are so many writers with a whole lot more fans
    Who are much better in keeping up the suspense
    And an advanced skillset at their defense
    But if there is just one person out there who feels and understands
    What I am trying to say with my two cents
    That would make all the amends
    So I pick up the pen and once more and let the writing commence


  • Mirror conversation

    You don’t need to be perfect
    You put that pressure on yourself
    You say to you all those things
    You would never dare say to anyone else

    When you look at the mirror
    All you see is faults and flaws
    Constantly comparing what is
    To what once was

    Wrinkles and lines
    Red dots and scars
    Thinning, grey hair
    Too much weight and stretch marks

    When will you see that they are nothing
    But a beautiful gift
    A visible sign and a constant reminder
    Of all the years you have lived

    Signs from everything that brought your here
    Tracing back the long way you’ve come
    All the roads you have traveled
    All the battles you’ve won

    You’ve been through it all
    You’ve made it till here
    Still, you stand in front of the mirror
    Wishing all of it would just disappear

    You want to smooth it all out
    Cover it up
    Tear down the layers
    Make it all stop!

    Well, who are you then?
    A surfaceless face
    A picture perfect model
    With an empty, lifeless gaze

    I just wish you could see
    What I do
    This masterpiece of life’s art
    Yeah, I am talking to you


  • Ph√∂nix

    Wie bist du nur hier reingekommen
    Ich dacht ich hätte alles abgesperrt
    Doch da stehst du nun
    Mittendrin in meinem Herz

    Mit dem Willkommen
    Tu ich mir etwas schwer
    Das letzte Mal, dass jemand hier war
    Ist schon eine Weile her

    Die Meisten die bis hierher kamen
    Haben mein Haus in Brand gesteckt
    Seitdem sitz ich in den grauen Resten
    Still und ganz verschreckt

    Auch du wirkst leicht verstört
    Von dem was du hier siehst
    Ich kann sehen wie du zitterst
    Weil der kalte Wind dir um die Ohren zieht

    Trotzdem kommst du langsam auf mich zu
    Und lachst mich sch√ľchtern an
    Du nimmst mich bei der Hand
    Und auf einmal wird es warm

    Ist es wirklich wahr
    Dass der Phönix aus der Asche steigt
    Und sich mit einem Fl√ľgelschlag
    Von der Erinnerung befreit

    Ich glaube es wird Zeit
    Hier etwas aufzuräumen
    Um wieder Platz zu machen
    Zum Lieben und zum Träumen


  • Happiness forensics

    When I am sad
    I sometimes look at photographs
    Of happy days
    I look closely
    Trying to find
    What put that smile on my face


  • Womenhood

    I bow to all the women
    Who walk this path with me
    Who reign their lives
    So strong and fierce and gracefully

    I bow to all my sisters
    Who suffered all this pain
    In a world so full of madness
    They stay calm, compassionate and sane

    I bow to all the girls
    Who manage to grow up
    And no man or rule or boundary
    Could ever make them stop

    I bow to all the mothers
    Who nurture humankind
    Without their care and love
    We’d all die of hunger or go blind

    I bow to all the ones before
    Who paved this weary way
    Who fought for all the rights
    That we take for granted every day

    I bow to all the women
    Who walk this path with me
    The world could not exist
    Without divine collective femininity


  • Passtime

    And today
    I am just going to watch
    as the sun moves
    from start
    to finish


  • Liebest√§ter

    Ich glaube nicht an Worte
    Taten sind meine Religion
    So viele schm√ľcken ihre Lippen mit der Liebe
    Bis zu ihrem Herzen geht sie aber meist verlor’n

    Netzte, gewebt aus großen Worten
    Mit dem Versprechen mich zu fangen
    Doch durch die gro√üen L√ľcken
    Bin ich oft schon durchgefallen

    Also versprich mir bitte nichts
    Und komm mir nicht mit Schw√ľren
    Bleib einfach hier an meiner Seite
    Und lass mich deine N√§he sp√ľren


  • Perfectly flawed

    Stop being hard on yourself
    For things you can’t control
    For being imperfectly human
    That flaw lies within us all

    And only if we rise above
    And gift the others lenience
    Can we count on their respect
    When we fail to handle our things

    We all strife for perfection
    And ask for nothing less
    When we should foster patience
    And practice steady humbleness

    For what it’s worth our time is short
    Don’t waste it on constraints
    Cause in the eyes of god
    Only love remains


  • Autumn wind

    The time when temperatures decrease
    the time when leaves depart their trees
    the time when summer turns to fall
    that’s when I start to hear the call

    The autumn wind whispers again
    predicting tales of winter’s pain
    still holds hints of summer’s sun
    and it hollows I should run

    It swept me off my feet before
    so I am not scared anymore
    what looks like chaos at the start
    has brought me closer to my heart

    It first blows gently through my hair
    brushes my face with fresh cold air
    but by the time December comes
    it usually shakes me to my bones

    The autumn wind spins me around
    turns my small world upside down
    and nothing ever stays the same
    Forever forcing me to start again

    It swept me off my feet before
    so I am not scared anymore
    what looks like chaos at the start
    has brought me closer to my heart


  • Gehst du neben mir

    Gehst du neben mir
    Einen Teil von meinem Weg
    Vielleicht auch bis zum Ende
    Wir schauen mal, bis wohin der Wind uns trägt

    Ich sp√ľre du hast Angst
    Weil du nicht weißt, was das hier ist
    Und du dich davor f√ľrchtest
    Dass du am Ende wieder gebrochen und alleine bist

    Wir kommen aber nicht ins rollen
    Selbst wenn der Wind uns kräftig vorwärts bläst
    Wenn du mit den Händen vor den Augen
    Und dem Fuß fest auf der Bremse stehst

    Gemeinsam stehen wir hier am Rand
    Hinein ins Abenteuer
    Ein Tropfen Schweiß auf deiner Stirn
    Ich seh es ist dir nicht geheuer

    Und ja vielleicht hält der Wagen uns nicht aus
    Oder wir fahren ihn an die Wand
    Aber wenn wir nicht einmal probieren, ob er fliegt
    Wird er verrosten, weil er nur In der Garage stand

    Ich hab dir nur jetzt zu geben
    Morgen liegt nicht in meiner Hand
    Und gestern waren all die Dinge
    Die ich nicht ändern kann

    Aber heute will ich bei dir sein
    Und ich werd auch alles daf√ľr geben
    Damit wir unversehrt und sicher
    So weit wie möglich miteinander gehen


  • Readership

    If our live’s stories were books
    Then I would say that most of the people you are going to meet
    will only read the blurb
    A few might take a peek at the index and headlines to get an overview
    Even less will go online and do a little research there
    Check reviews and short summaries
    And probably only a very, very small group will dive into the whole story
    Because If you really want to get to know a person you have to do just that
    Word after word
    Page after page
    Chapter after Chapter
    That also means the boring, lengthy parts
    And those that might be disturbing to you
    And those you do not understand at all
    Only if you get through till the end will you get a grasp of the complexity of the whole
    And I wish that you will find at least one person
    who will read your story as thoroughly as that
    And I hope that you will do the same for them


  • Herbstboten

    √úber den H√ľgeln brennt bereits das Abendrot
    Verk√ľndet schleichend: Der Sommer, der ist tot!
    Mit einem Schaudern wird es mir bewusst
    Verschr√§nk die Arme sch√ľtzend vor der Brust
    Durch die Flammen zieht auch schon der k√ľhle Abendwind
    Reißt mich hoch und treibt mich heim geschwind


  • Defining moments

    Some connections are only meant to last a moment
    But their memories will shape a lifetime


  • Solange die Liebe uns tr√§gt

    Oft bricht die Welt mir mit voller Wucht das Herz
    Oft denk ich, es zerreisst mich all dieser Schmerz

    Oft kann ich einfach nur liegen und die Luft in mir sp√ľr‚Äôn
    Oft hoff ich, dass all unsre Wege uns bald aus der Dunkelheit f√ľhr‚Äôn

    Aber manchmal da weiß ich, es wird alles gut
    Dann raff ich mich auf und fass neuen Mut
    Denn solang unser Herz schlägt
    Ist es noch nicht zu spät
    Solang unser Herz schlägt
    Und die Liebe uns trägt

    Oft frag ich mich, woher kommt nur all dieser Hass
    Oft w√ľnsch ich, wir f√§nden endlich den Boden von diesem Fass

    Oft w√ľrd ich gerne schreien aber ich wei√ü nicht, ob das etwas bringt
    Oft bin ich sprachlos, wenn wieder ein Haus Feuer fängt

    Und weißt du ich klammer mich verzweifelt an den letzten Ast
    Aber ich halt ihn so lange, bis jemand anderes ihn mit mir umfasst
    Und wenn wir irgendwann alle am selben Strang zieh’n
    √Ąndern wir auch das, was uns einmal unm√∂glich schien

    Denn manchmal da weiß ich es wird alles gut
    Dann steh ich auf und fass neuen Mut
    Denn solang unser Herz schlägt
    Ist es noch nicht zu spät
    Solang unser Herz schlägt
    Und die Liebe uns trägt


  • Expectational freedom

    Freedom is giving yourself to the world
    Without expecting anything in return
    Because expectations are windowless prisons
    that minimize your capacity for experiences


  • Possibilities

    How magical this life is!
    This life which they told me was full of
    restrictions, hardship, impossibilities
    But look! It is possible
    It is possible to live
    Aren’t we here to do just that
    To breathe, to feel, to recognize
    To wonder, to stumble to fall and get up again
    To take our steps on this timeline we get
    Never knowing which will be the last one
    Whether you pay into your pension
    Or live from paycheck to paycheck
    If you live in Bandunu, El Pluma, Aschaffenburg or in New York
    If you drive your expensive sportscar or a horse carriage
    If you are the proud owner of a big company or a pebble collection
    If you sleep on a cardboard in the streets
    or drink kale smoothies in your marble kitchen
    If you believe in god, the trees or your mother
    If you get excited by a ticket around the world
    or a ticket for a rollercoaster ride
    If you sing at the Scala for a big audience
    or in your own shower for your cat
    If you listen to hiphop, jazz, birds or your old neighbor cursing
    If you have 4 children or 4 dogs or 4 toothbrushes
    If you wish for a job promotion, a hug or just making it through the night
    If you make Quesadillas, Pieroggi, Sushi or Schnitzl
    If you love men or women or the moon
    If your skin tone matches the color of white, brown, black or green beans
    If you walk, run, crawl, jump, fly or roll

    We are all heading into the the same direction
    into deaths arms
    And when he finally embraces us
    We all dissolve back into nothingness
    Or the big whole
    However you want to call it
    But till then we ought to live
    And don’t just go for the special offers
    Or the discount tickets
    Take the whole damn thing
    You sometimes have to pay a high price
    But who knows
    you might get a reward afterwards

    Oh how magical this life is
    where everything is possible
    Everything you dare to believe


  • Waiting

    I would like to write a song about you
    How much better you make my life
    But for now you’re just a dream
    I am still waiting for you to arrive

    I would write about that one time
    We swam out naked into the wild, endless sea
    And that there’s no one else
    Who makes me feel so easy and free

    I would write about that one time
    when you took my fear trembling hand
    And how you just seem to know
    How my wounds can be mend

    I would write about that one time
    When we talked the whole night
    And when the day woke with soft sun rays
    I slept in your arms holding me tight

    I would write abut that one time
    you gave me that earth shattering kiss
    And made my whole body shiver
    How did I ever live without this

    I would write about that one time
    When we fought and we screamed
    When I just could not stand you
    And our love felt not as strong as it seemed

    I would write about that one time
    When we nearly broke apart
    But realized that without each other
    We’d each live with only half of a heart

    I would write about all the times
    That we worked it out
    That our love grew so much stronger
    Which just makes me so damn proud

    I would write about
    How grateful I am
    That you are finally here
    That I waited my whole life
    For you to appear

    And I would like to tell you
    That you are the most precious one I know
    And for the rest of my life
    I’ll stay with you wherever you go

    But for now I just write
    That I am waiting for you
    And I hope that you are out there
    Trying to find me too


  • X-Small

    When I lost control
    I built myself a cage
    A prison within my own body
    Confined by the surface of my skin
    A tiny cell
    Over which I ruled
    With strict control
    I guarded the boarders constantly
    So that they would not expand
    I would wrap my fingers around my wrist
    A circle to measure if everything was still in place
    Proof that I had not outgrown the tiny radius
    Wherein I allowed myself to be
    I starved every inch of me
    which dared to go beyond the line
    My appetite, my desires, my passions, my dreams
    I wanted to keep myself small
    So no-one would recognize
    No one would see
    That I had lost control

    And years later
    Long after I broke the chains
    Of self imprisonment
    I sometimes catch myself
    As my fingers form that circle around my wrist
    Still afraid
    that I might be
    too much


  • Stille

    So gern w√ľrd ich dir beschreiben, was ich seh
    Schmuckvolle Worte finden, damit auch ich die Welt besser versteh
    Wie die Wolken weich drapiert auf den Gipfeln liegen
    Sich die Grashalme federleicht im Sommerwind wiegen
    Wie die Berge mit stolzer Anmut so viel Geschichte tragen
    Aber keines meiner Worte reicht aus, um zu sagen
    Was sich bei diesem Anblick in meinem Herzen regt
    Manchmal ist es doch die Stille,
    Die am besten erzählt


  • Violet


    Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable
    Mary Oliver

  • Freedom

    The air is hot and heavy
    Thickened with anger and with rage
    The battles sheer seem endless
    In this day and age

    We think we’ve come so far
    As a human race
    But all of it is worthless
    If we still judge each other by the color of our face

    So, drop your arms and weapons
    It is time to manifest
    The freedom of each and every person
    Defines the freedom for the rest


  • Heart Wisdom

    You are constantly waiting for a knock on your door
    From someone who comes to tell you
    What life is about
    All of your attention is drawn to that expectation
    And so you miss
    That your most important visitor is already inside
    Constantly knocking on your chest
    Telling you on an average of 80 times per minute
    What life is about


  • Cry for change

    How do you carry
    The weight of all the sorrow in this world
    How do you cope
    With all the pain and people getting hurt

    I sometimes feel like I am drowning
    In a stream of cruelty and rage
    That leads into an ocean
    Of violence and hate

    Why do you hit your neighbor’s face
    And don’t take them by their hand
    Instead of causing pointless conflicts
    Why don’t you just try to understand

    How can we do this to each other
    When in truth we’re all the same
    Why can’t we solve it all together
    Instead of pushing around the blame

    Why is it always more important
    To know whose fault it is
    Than to seek for a solution
    That might fix all of this mess

    We dropped our moral compass
    Everyone is lost and so afraid
    We keep on building our walls
    And live in prisons we create

    There’s so much beauty all around
    That we should appreciate much more
    But we’re taking it for granted
    Instead of peace we still choose war

    I often get so tired
    When I read all of the news
    Our humankind is damaged
    We’re all beaten up and bruised

    There’s enough for everyone
    If we’d only start to share
    If we’d reach out to each other
    And finally start to care

    Everything you do and say
    And everything you give
    Affects the ones around you
    And creates the world in which we live

    Yet I have not lost my faith
    Though we first might hit the ground
    Before true change can come
    Before we turn the wheel around


  • Buchfreundschaft

    Wenn meine eignen Worte mir nicht reichen
    Dann wend ich mich den B√ľchern zu
    Wo meine Gedanken sich mit deren Andrer gleichen
    Bettet meine Einsamkeit sich sanft zur Ruh

    Getrennt durch die Jahrzehnte
    F√ľhr’n wir unsren stummen Dialog
    Ich, die sich nach Gleichgesinnten sehnte
    Und der Autor, der längst tot

    Trotz all der Runden die der Zeiger seither drehte
    Das einst Notierte hat bestand
    Die Worte, die so einst jemand säte
    Sprießen durch das Buch in meiner Hand


  • Call me a dreamer

    Now we know, how fast something can spread
    from one single human to another
    into every corner of the world

    Now imagine what would happen
    if we started spreading
    love, kindness and compassion …


  • Dancing in the dark


    Deep down where all the lights are out
    There’s only one way left
    Straight through all the darkness
    Where all our fears are kept

    With my arms and heart open
    I let myself fall
    Embracing the shadows
    For they are all a part of my soul

    And in the dim I will dance
    With each and everyone
    No matter how dark the melody
    Giving in to all of their songs

    I let them teach me
    Their screams pierce through my ears
    But the closer I let them
    The more I let go of my fears

    At the end of our soul straining sways
    After they pushed me all around
    I find myself lying dizzy
    On reality’s solid ground

    There’s a delicate silence
    After this dark, desperate fight
    I pull myself together
    And start walking firmly towards the light

    Picture: Thomas Achter

  • I found myself

    I set out to find someone
    Who would understand me
    Who would share this life with me
    With all of it’s precious moments
    Who would wipe away my tears on rough days
    Who would bring joy and excitement
    Who would take my hand to show me the way
    When I got lost
    Who could see me for who I am
    And still like all of me
    Who would not run away when it got complicated
    Who could be my best friend
    Who would love me unconditionally
    And I got lucky
    Because I found myself


  • Lebensweg

    Wenn deine Realität plötzlich zusammenbricht
    Und alles was du weißt, ist dir auf einmal fremd
    Wenn die Welt nicht mehr die Selbe ist
    Weil du nichts und niemanden mehr kennst

    Wer bist du denn, wenn alle andren gehen
    Und du plötzlich ganz allein dasitzt
    Und dich das einzige vertraute Gesicht
    Aus der Regenpf√ľtze unter dir anblitzt

    Und selbst das erkennst du vielleicht nicht
    Weil du dich selber nicht mehr kennst
    Weil du stets dem ewigen Vergleich
    und der Meinung Anderer nachrennst

    Aber wenn du schon so gern vergleichst
    Die andern wissen auch nicht mehr
    Geblendet und geb√ľckt
    Wandern auch sie fast blind umher

    Bei ihnen wirst du keine Antwort finden
    Auf die Frage nach dem Lebenssinn
    Denn begraben unter all den Zweifeln
    War der schon immer ganz tief in dir drin

    Dein Leben wird dir stets die Richtung weisen
    Auf den wahren Weg zu dir zur√ľck
    Aber du musst ihn schon selber gehen
    Schritt um Schritt und St√ľck f√ľr St√ľck


  • How does love grow


    How does love grow
    And where do I get the seed
    Can I get it at the store around the corner
    Or do I order it online
    Where do I have to plant it
    What kind of soil do I have to use
    How much light does it need
    How much attention
    How much nourishment
    How much do I have to do
    And how much does it grow on its own
    How do I know if it needs a new pot
    When it’s roots have grown so big
    That it takes up more space than before
    What If I decide to change and move
    Does it grow with me into the same direction
    Can it adapt to a new environment
    is it sometimes better to leave it behind
    Or should I sacrifice myself so it can stay
    In its familiar surroundings
    What if I forget to water it
    How fast does it run dry
    How long after can I still safe it
    What kind of fertilizer do I use
    Is it good to talk to it
    Or just let it be
    to naturally heal on its own
    And if it is dying
    Is it worth fighting for
    And for how long
    When do I know
    That no new life will come
    out of these dead stems any more
    And what do I do with it if it is so
    Do I just throw it away immediately
    Or do I let the dried out branches linger around
    Watering the dead soil
    Denying that it has ceased to exist
    How long do I have to mourn
    And be reminded of our time together
    in every other plant I see
    When is the right time to accept
    When is the right time to let go
    When is the right time to plant a new seed


  • One world

    Hopefully this situation makes people realize
    That we are not living on

    Planet Europe,
    Planet America,
    Planet Asia,
    Planet Australia,
    Planet Africa,
    Planet New Zealand,
    Planet Antarctica

    We all live on
    Planet Earth


  • Wei√ües Blatt Papier

    Hallo weißes Blatt Papier
    Ich weiß ich war lang nicht mehr hier
    Die Muse hat mich einfach so verlassen
    Ich kann es immer noch nicht fassen

    Aber während ich nun wider vor dir sitze
    Gedankenverloren meinen Bleistift spitze
    Merk ich, wie schnell man in dieser lauten Welt vergisst
    Wie sehr man etwas eigentlich vermisst

    Es gibt so Vieles, was mir an dir liegt
    Eine Freiheit, die es sonst so gar nicht gibt
    Die unendlichen Möglichkeiten
    Auf deinen unber√ľhrten Seiten

    All der Platz f√ľr jedweden Gedankenfluss
    Sei es Lyrik, Prosa oder Stuss
    Und auch dem gelegentlichen Pinselstrich
    Verwehrst du deine Oberfläche nicht

    Du scheinst immer so k√ľhl und unbeteiligt
    Dabei hat sich auf dir bereits die Welt vereidigt
    Auf dir entfaltet sich das wahre Potential der Macht
    Das Feuer so vieler Revolutionen wurde schon von dir entfacht

    So viele Menschen haben schon vor dir gekniet
    Denk an all das Wissen, dass es durch dich erst gibt
    So manche Rede wär ohne dein Zutun nicht entstanden
    So manche Botschaft ohne dich gar nicht vorhanden

    Obwohl sich alle an deinem Anblick weiden
    Bleibst du trotzdem stets bescheiden
    Und machst f√ľr jeden Schreiber Platz
    Auch wenn er nur kurz die Einkaufsliste zu notieren hat

    Ob ich nun √ľber den tiefsten Lebenssinn philosophier
    Oder Einstrichhäuschen konstruier
    Es gibt nichts, was du kritisierst
    Oder wor√ľber du ein schlechtes Wort verlierst

    Du hältst mir wenn dann nur den eignen Spiegel vor
    Leihst all meinen Sorgen dein helles Ohr
    Die tiefsten Geheimnisse ziehst du aus meinen Fingern
    Die kleinste Dosis von dir kann meine Sorgen lindern

    Auf den ersten Blick wirkst du fast nackt
    Ein √§u√üerst irref√ľhrender Fakt
    Denn unter deinem glattgeb√ľgelten Gewand
    Verbirgst du so viel Wahrheit, die ich suchend dort schon fand

    Darum sitz ich wieder hier und starr dich an
    Immer wieder ziehst du mich in deinen Bann
    Liegst vor mir ganz jungfr√§ulich und unber√ľhrt
    Doch von niemand andrem wird meine Hand so gut gef√ľhrt

    In unsrer schönen neuen Welt
    In der sich scheinbar niemand mehr an sein Wort hält
    Und jeder tut, wies ihm gerade passt
    Weiß ich, auf dich ist stets verlass

    Wir Menschen neigen ja doch zu Konfusionen
    Bei dir gibt’s aber keine Kommunikationskomplikationen
    Die meinen Wortfluss zusätzlich erschweren
    Bei dir muss ich nie viel erklären

    Ich liebe deine Einfachheit
    Auf all den Reisen bist du mein verlässlichstes Geleit
    Und die Verbindung zur Natur
    Wahrst du stets auf deiner stabilen, hölzernen Struktur

    Trotzdem tret ich nach all der Zeit ganz sch√ľchtern an dich ran
    Doch du strahlst mich wie immer an
    Es gibt da etwas, dass ich dir erzählen muss
    Ich glaub die Muse gab mir gerade wieder einen Kuss

    Liebes weißes Blatt Papier
    Ich weiß ich war lang nicht mehr hier
    Danke, dass du immer so geduldig bist
    Und nie auf mich vergisst


  • Without a fight

    You think I am always happy
    Just because I have a smile on my face
    You think I am never worried
    Just because I never complain

    No, life hurts
    Sometimes it hurts so much that I can not breath
    It throws daggers at me that cut wounds in my skin
    Leaving scars all over my body
    It breaks my heart and tears it into pieces
    It burns me alive
    It kicks me when I am already on the ground
    It pushes me off another cliff
    When I thought that I already hit the lowest point

    But still I put a smile on my face
    Still I won’t complain
    Because that’s how life is
    A constant endeavour
    And in the end it will win
    it will blow out all our lights
    But till then I will laugh in its face
    I will put out my shields and arms
    And I will roar
    You won’t get me without a fight


  • Heavy stuff

    In my heavy moments
    I pick up the pen
    in hopes of unloading my feelings
    by writing them down
    But then I stop
    because the paper could never hold
    all of this weight


  • Speechless

    These times leave me speechless
    Maybe because my words exploded in surprise like a firecracker
    Maybe because my words vanished in uncertainty
    Maybe because my words have frozen in shock
    Maybe because my words burned in all this anger
    Maybe because my words drowned in all those tears
    Maybe because my words are hiding in fear
    Maybe because my words lack the vocabulary for this precedent

    But certainly because
    my words are just too small
    to talk about something
    that is so much bigger
    than language itself


  • Vagabond

    When I travel
    It’s like walking through the door
    Setting foot on my apartment floor 
    Airports, Bus stops 
    are the entrance gates 
    into my outbound real estate

    I’m living midst the beauty of this earth 
    A place of invaluable worth
    And as I‚Äôm walking down the hall 
    There’s foreign places behind every wall

    I just step through a door
    Discovering a spot I haven’t been before
    Wandering from one room to the next
    I rest in corners I like best

    This world is full of hidden treasures 
    Limitless with indefinite measures 
    I turn and try to navigate
    Through rooms which nature decorates

    My bathtub is a lake
    In hammocks I awake
    My rooftop is a mountain
    The shower is a water fountain 
    The hallway is a road
    My bag is my wardrobe
    The staircase is a waterfall
    A river flows into the entrance hall 
    My backyard is the ocean front
    I have everything I ever want

    So when I fall asleep in starlit beds
    I have no doubts, no worries nor regrets 
    Cause my journeys are my home
    They are the place where I belong


  • Under my blanket

    Come under my blanket
    Come lie here with me
    I am hiding here
    I don’t want the world to see
    How I really feel inside
    And how much I am hurting
    People want to see me smile
    But I’m so tired of pretending

    Come lie here with me
    Come please take my hand
    I do not know why
    But I think that you might understand
    Why I have to get out
    Of this weird and crazy world
    Where people do not listen
    Where I feel like I am never heard

    Come please take my hand
    Come just let us be
    I want nothing but your truth
    We are finally free
    Here under my blanket
    It’s just you and me
    We won’t let anybody in
    Our own world of security

    Come under my blanket
    Come lie here with me
    Come please take my hand
    Come just let us be


  • Music

    No matter how dark the road
    No matter how far
    It doesn’t really mater
    As long as I can play my piano or the guitar

    Music has showed me the way
    Even on my loneliest day
    It uncovers grace
    Even in the most desperate place

    So I walk my life’s lane
    Through sunshine and rain
    And If everything ends up going wrong
    I’ll sit down and write another song

  • Wintertraum

    Viel zu zäh verrinnt die Zeit
    Ist eingeh√ľllt in ein gar graues Kleid
    Die Stunden wirken fahl und ausgebleicht
    Ein jeder Tag dem andern gleicht

    Wo ist des Fr√ľhlings Frische hin
    Vorbei der lieblich, leichte Lebenssinn
    Vom Baum weht es das letzte Blatt
    Das den letzten Schimmer Farbe aufgetragen hat

    Die Menschen vor mir auf den Wegen
    Wie sie lethargisch von der Kälte in die warmen Stuben streben
    Sind in schwere schwarze Schichten eingekleidet
    Die sie kaum von ihren Schatten unterscheidet

    Der Teich in dem sonst so sanft die Wellen wogen
    Ruht still mit einer Eisschicht √ľberzogen
    Der Fisch der sonst so eifrig seine Runden dreht
    Nun eingefroren auf der Stelle schwebt

    Auch meinen Worten fehlt die Kraft
    Sie tanzen traurig und ganz sacht
    Ihr Sinn ist abgestumpft und karg
    Und ihr Rhythmus wirkt erstarrt

    Sodann der erste Schnee vom Himmel fällt
    der die Welt in watteweiches Schweigen h√ľllt
    die weiße Flockenschar deckt die braune, kalte Erde zu
    Und ich w√ľnscht ich k√§m jetzt endlich auch zur Ruh

    Doch eine letzte Schwalbe sitzt am Ast und singt ein Lied
    W√§hrend ihr Schwarm l√§ngst in den S√ľden zieht
    Mir scheint sie ist f√ľr mich geblieben
    Und meint: Willst du nicht mit mir fliegen?

    Wie ich ihrem leisen Lockruf lausch
    Rei√üt pl√∂tzlich √ľber mir der Himmel auf
    Und durch den grauen Wolkennebel
    Strahlt die Sonne mir entgegen

    Und ich sp√ľr wie fern von dieser Winterwelt
    irgendwo der Sommer Einzug hält
    An Str√§nden unter dunkelgr√ľnen Palmenbl√§ttern
    wo die Wellen rauschend gegen Klippen schmettern

    Die Sehnsucht nach der Ferne h√ľllt mich ein
    Will nicht mehr hier, sondern ganz wo anders sein
    Meine Wanderlust beginnt zu flehen
    Es ist an der Zeit, komm, lass uns gehen!


  • Words

    Words can be feathers
    Whispered softly onto our skin

    Words can be rockets
    Lifting us up into the air

    Words can be floods
    Washing away all our sorrows

    Words can be swords
    Stabbing us into our hearts

    Words can be fires
    Burning down everything we think we know

    Words can be treasures
    Collected in our minds

    Words can be safety nets
    Catching us when we fall

    Words can be music
    Making us sing and dance

    Words can be locks
    Protecting our deepest secrets

    Words can be games
    Taking us to the next level

    Words can be illusions
    Projecting a world that’s not there

    Words can be photographs
    Preserving precious memories

    Words can be thunders
    Turning our world upside down

    Words can be medicine
    Mending our wounded hearts

    Words can be clues
    Guiding us into the right direction

    Words can be keys
    Opening up a new world

    Words can be bridges
    Connecting two opposing sides

    Words can be anything
    You wish to create

    So choose them wisely


  • Love sewed gown

    Love often dresses me in a fashion
    I usually would never wear
    Too tight and too revealing
    Clumsy and out of control
    I feel foreign within my own skin

    Oh but is there someone
    With whom I can dance jaunty
    In this precious love sewed gown


  • House in the rain

    A space made up of our memories
    Creating walls wherein we live
    Faded moments still lingering around
    In the corners of our hearts and minds
    Lucid shadows with a strong grip
    Controlling every move we make
    From beginning till end
    Moment after moment is added up to the pile
    Of our life’s mystery
    Getting heavier and heavier
    Under the burdens of our existence
    Time is irrelevant
    Past, Present Future live side by side
    Interwoven in a web of our thoughts
    Everyone resides here in solitude
    Among fears, faults and pain
    Everyone owns
    A house in the rain


  • Boomerang

    Everything will fall into place
    life will always find the right ways
    there’s nothing to worry
    if  you trust in life’s flow
    so send out your wishes
    and they will come back to you


  • Dress up

    Kids dress up
    because they want to have fun
    Adults dress up
    because they forgot who they are


  • The book of life

    Another chapter
    is coming to an end
    containing last year’s memories
    of all the times well spent

    As I leaf through all the pages
    before I write the final words
    I’m reading all the stories
    rediscovering my former thoughts

    Pages filled with joy
    pages filled with tears
    pages filled with hope
    pages filled with fears

    But nothing lasts forever
    every story has an end
    even an unbearable moment
    will evaporate in transience

    So I set the final stop
    and put down the pen
    I take a breath and turn the page
    and start to write again


  • Reverberation

    I often dream of that bed
    In which we lay
    White Sheets
    twisted and turned
    scattered all over the floor
    Our bodies
    Sprawled in between
    Covered only with a light layer of sweat
    Closed eyes
    Shutting out the world
    Filled with every sensation in our bodies
    Electrifying shivers
    From head to toe
    Unto our fingertips
    of our bodies rolling over each other
    Teeth biting
    Nails scratching
    Tongs licking
    Our chests
    Remain the only thing in motion
    Up and down
    Feeding fresh air
    To our exhausted bodies
    It is calm
    We dwell in this smooth white linen sea
    after a wave of lust
    Has crashed over us


  • Falling in place

    You can watch the sun throughout the day
    As she makes her way alone
    across the clear blue sky
    without witnessing any movement
    But in that small span during sunsets
    as she approaches the horizon
    It even appears as if she is picking up speed
    To get to the finish line
    melting into the ground
    Right in front of your eyes
    And the colors of the sky explode
    in joy of her accomplishment
    Reaching home yet another day

    Often things might not make sense
    When you look at them separately
    Sometimes you just have to wait for that moment
    When it aligns with your life’s horizon
    To see how everything falls into place beautifully


  • Mental Maze

    What’s going on inside your head
    Which thoughts you hide so desperate
    So caught up that you ignore
    When someone’s knocking at your door

    You don’t let anybody in
    into this mental maze in which you’re wandering
    Lead by misery and doubt
    You’ve lost the sense for your way out

    Every new direction that you take
    Each decision that you make
    Gets you off your track
    And brings you further back

    But if you’d let somebody in
    to bring light into the dim
    you’d be struck by wonder
    cause the exit’s just around the corner


  • Dear road

    2019-08-17 14.13.55-4

    Dear road
    So long and so wide
    You’ve been my companion
    On so many rides

    You’re a good one
    We always got along fine
    You showed me the world
    I just had to follow your line

    I took your lead
    Even on your bumpiest ways
    And with each detour
    You brought me right to this place

    I would not be here
    If it weren’t for you
    I found the world at your edges
    And a lot of myself too

    But I am tired
    I have to admit
    You’ve become too winding
    Maybe it’s time to quit

    My feet need to rest
    I hear the grasping of my heavy heart
    My head is spinning
    I think it’s time we depart

    Farewell for now
    And thanks a lot
    I will get out here
    This is my stop


  • Hope

    Just when you think
    The whole story is screwed
    A new chapter commences

    Just when you think
    This is the darkest night
    A new day dawns

    Just when you think
    The last petal has fallen
    A new bud blossoms


  • Quiet

    I need to be quiet
    To hear the world talking


  • I’ll help you back

    I know the sadness that you feel
    and the hole in which you fell
    It all sounds quite familiar
    because I have spent some hours there as well

    It feels cold and it feels lonely
    there’s not a single beam of light
    It’s filled with fears and all your dark thoughts
    and you’re just too tired and too weak to fight

    But I also know that there’s a way
    a way out of despair
    and if you just take my hand
    I will safely lead you there

    So don’t cave in and call defeat
    I’ll help you back onto your feet
    So don’t cave in and call defeat
    I’ll help you back onto your feet

    In our maze of broken dreams
    we all get lost from time to time
    But it won’t help to just let go
    or let your heart go cold and blind

    Cause I also know that there’s a way
    a way out of despair
    and if you just take my hand
    I will safely lead you there

    So don’t cave in and call defeat
    I’ll help you back onto your feet
    So don’t cave in and call defeat I’ll help you back

    I’ll help you back
    I’ll help you back onto your feet


  • State of the heart

    A narrow heart
    and a narrow mind
    breed emotions and thoughts
    of a narrow kind

    An open heart
    and an open mind
    nurture emotions and thoughts
    of an open kind


  • Wild Mustang

    Do not try to tie me down
    Cause while you go to get the rope
    I’m already gone


  • Time management

    I do not have time for people
    Who always know what’s best for me
    Without spending one second on knowing who I am


  • Lioness

    I am a lioness
    I will fight till the end
    Quietly and with pride
    You won’t see me struggling
    You won’t see my weakness
    I will display my strength
    My endurance
    My fierceness
    With every fiber of my being
    I will keep up the facade
    Until I am too fatigued
    to cry for help

  • Gebet

    Ich glaub ich hab mich verlaufen
    Ich glaub ich weiß nicht wo hin
    Kannst du mir vielleicht sagen
    Was all das hier bringt

    Ich glaub ich bin falsch abgebogen
    Ich glaub ich ich bin eine Straße zu weit
    Kann ich dich mal was fragen
    Ist das normal, diese Einsamkeit

    Ich glaub ich bin nicht wie alle
    Ich glaub ich find nicht was ich such
    Kannst du mich eigentlich hören
    Hörst du mich wenn ich Ruf

    Ich glaub ich wart auf eine Antwort
    Ich glaub ich hab die Richtung vergessen
    Kannst du dich f√ľr mich erinnern
    Oder wär das zu vermessen

    Ich glaub du bist zu beschäftigt
    Ich glaub du hast keine Zeit
    Kannst dus mal einrichten
    Und gibst mir dann Bescheid

    Ich weiß nicht obs dich gibt
    Ich weiß nicht mit wem ich da red
    Ich weiß nur, dass es mir danach
    Immer etwas besser geht

    Ich glaub es ist auch egal
    Ich glaub ich hab meine Antwort bekommen
    Kannst du trotzdem noch bei mir bleiben
    Sollte ich doch wieder einmal vom Weg abkommen


  • The well

    My love is not limited
    It springs from a far rooted well
    Deep within my heart
    From where I pull
    One bucket after the other
    I pour it all around me
    So everything can flourish
    It does not require much force
    It flows
    So do not be jealous
    When I pour my love on someone else
    It is necessary
    For I have to keep my garden fresh and green
    So I can walk
    But be sure that this well holds an abundance of love
    for you and everyone else


  • Summerday’s remnants


    In clear cold water
    Gently carried by the waves
    Float the memories
    Of those two summer days


  • Trainride


    Destination Daydream
    on a train track of thoughts
    while world’s visions vanish


  • Ruhepause


    Nach langer weiter Reise
    Komm ich endlich hier zu Ruh
    Den Bergen so gewaltig und so leise
    Schau ich nun beim Schweigen zu

    Obwohl sie hier schon ewig steh’n
    Ungebeugt von Sturm und Wind
    Hab’n sie so viel mehr geseh’n
    Als ich weit gereistes Menschenkind

    Eine Weile will ich bleiben
    Lass die Welt an mir vor√ľberzieh‚Äôn
    Die Seele baumelt, will verweilen
    Will nicht gleich wieder fliehen

    Aber meine F√ľ√üe sind nicht aus Granit
    Die Gedanken sehnen sich nach Meer und Weite
    Mein wandernd Herz es pocht und zieht
    Und das Fernweh tritt an meine Seite

    Selbst die bewegungslosen Berge
    War’n nicht seit je an diesem Ort
    Standen einst in weiter Ferne
    und irgendwann sind auch sie fort

    Also steh ich auf und geh
    Erfrischt von dieser Ruhepause
    Wie immer tut der Abschied weh
    Aber in der weiten Welt bin ich zu Hause


  • Seascape

    Come with me
    Close to the sea
    Let’s get washed away
    Unto a place we want to to stay


  • Hopefully

    Today I can not pretend
    That I am ok
    The world got too heavy
    To handle again

    I’m trying to put on a smile
    On my face
    But it just feels like my mouth
    fell out of place

    I’m trying to be
    Polite, friendly and kind
    But I scream ‚Äöscrew you all‚Äė
    In my mind

    Today I can not pretend
    That I am alright
    The world made me
    Too tired to fight

    I’m trying to put out
    My weapons and arms
    But I am the only one
    Being harmed

    I’m trying to hide
    Away from it all
    But my emotions break down
    Every protective wall

    Today I can not pretend
    That I am fine
    The world has put me
    Out on the line

    Today I will just
    Let it be
    Tomorrow the world’ll look different


  • Today I am in love

    Today I am little bit in love with the thin blond hair
    that tickles my nose while it flies in late summerday’s wind

    Today I am a little bit in love with the shadow of the leaves
    that project marks like a flickering tattoo on my suntanned skin

    Today I am a little bit in love with the morning dew
    that sprinkles the grass with tiny pearls to give the ground a magical shimmering

    Today I am a little bit in love with the sound of the dancing leaves
    that joyfully rustle and sing

    Today I am little bit in love with the fresh autumn air
    that yet has not lost the remnants of stargazing summer night flings

    Today I am a little bit in love with the bee’s buzzing sounds and the bird’s melodies
    as I sit here with my hot tea quietly listening

    Today I am a little bit in love with world’s vast beauty
    and how much joy it does bring

    Today I am a litte bit in love
    with everything

    Today I am a little bit in love
    and I am not wondering

    Because today I am in love with you,
    my darling


  • Nowhere

    Going nowhere is my favorite direction


  • Sensation diary

    When I look at my photographs
    From places far away
    It’s as if my feet touch the sand
    The scent of the open world starts to swirl about my nose
    Contentment softly strokes my skin
    My hair gets whirled by freedom’s breeze
    Rays of wonder start to blind my eyes
    My heart beat races against time’s ticking arm
    And my thoughts run off into the wild


  • Wordpainter

    This vivid world
    inside my head
    I’ll paint it for you
    with my words


  • Blue Balloon


    While I dream of finding back home
    I watch a helium filled blue ballon
    On his flight across the cloud sprinkled sky
    Leaving solid grounds and reaching up high

    Maybe in order to find your way home
    You first have to wander off on your own
    Leaving familiar faces and blinding believes
    To find out where your own story leads

    The moment you lift off might cause pain and fear
    As the world below you starts to disappear
    It tears you apart to leave your loved ones behind
    They’ll try to grab you and pull you back inside

    As you realize that you’re ascending alone
    you probably wish you would have never left home
    You start to search for a way back
    But the wind catches you and puts you on the right track

    And within the air’s light embrace
    You lift higher into divinities grace
    And the freedom of the boundless blue sky
    Let’s you soon forget the worries before you started to fly

    You start to enjoy your solitary ride
    and realize you can go wherever you like
    Nothing and no one is holding your string
    And you start to hear the desires you’ve been hiding within

    While your story begins to unfold
    You start to see through the lies you’ve been told
    And that there is nothing wrong with whoever you are
    Everything is possible and no dream too far

    You will inspire the ones who watch from below
    Showing them how easy is it is to let go
    And some of them will also start to go high
    Coming to meet you up in the sky

    Little blue balloon continue your flight
    Always remember there is no wrong or right
    If you keep following the call of your soul
    You will always, always be home


  • Just one step

    It has never felt this easy
    I did not know I could be free
    Just one step out the doorway
    There’s so much for me to see

    On the journey, down the road
    flying airplanes, rowing boats
    Just take me where I feel alive
    I don’t care how long I have to drive

    In solitude and my own pace
    or with the people that I meet
    As long as I like the direction
    And get carried by my own two feet

    And when at last I started running
    from everything I thought I knew
    It hit me like a lightning
    If you’re changing your direction
    You can change your mindset too

    So I carry on this journey
    knowing there’s no final goal
    But I’m choosing the direction
    on this bumpy lifelong road


  • Relationship battlefield

    We’re sitting in the trenches
    of two opposing sides
    fighting a battle no one started
    and no one is going to win

    Our weapons are our words and actions
    that we shoot blindly from our holes
    unable to see
    where we hit the other side

    The green grass where we once played
    has turned into frozen mud
    an unscalable barrier
    of our buried memories

    The rare peace offers we send across
    always come crawling back
    twisted and turned
    unable to reach the other side

    So we stay put in our trenches
    on two opposing sides
    continuing a battle
    both of us already lost


  • My favorite books

    ‚ÄúBooks are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.‚ÄĚ 
    ‚Äē Charles W. Eliot

    Books are my most valued companions wherever I go and I usually carry at least one of these paper buddies with me at all times. I could browse through bookshops or the internet for hours to find the next written adventure I can jump right into. In my opinion they are an exquisit entrance gate into the world of other people‚Äôs heads and I love to get lost in these stories and to find out something new about myself through them. I especially worship those that transform your way of thinking and where you do not get out the same person as you were before you started to read them. So here are some of my most beloved titles (not in any particular order) which have been my mentors and friends, gave me comfort in difficult times, made me laugh and cry and helped me to understand the world around me a little bit better. Maybe there’s something for you among them as well ūüôā

    Talk to you soon

    1. Shantaram – Gregory Roberts
    2. Ein ganzes Leben – Robert Seethaler
    3. Ishmael – Daniel Qinn
    4. The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho
    5. Siddharta & Narziss und Goldmund- Hermann Hesse
    6. Das größere Wunder РThomas Glavinic
    7. The Bhagavad Gita
    8. The essential Rumi
    9. The power of now & A new earth – Eckhardt Tolle
    10. The untethered soul – Michael A. Singer
    11. Conscious Loving – Gay Hendricks
    12. Big Magic C – Elizabeth Gilbert
    13. Vom Ende der Einsamkeit – Benedikt Wells
    14. Das Kartengeheimnis & Das Orangenmädchen РJostein Gaarder
    15. Was man von hier aus sehen kann – Mariana Leyke
    16. Die Mitte der Welt РAndreas Steinhöfel
    17. América РT.C. Boyle
    18. Milk and Honey – Rupi Kaur
    19. Thinking fast and Slow – Daniel Kahnemann
    20. Freedom – Jonathan Franzen
    21. The heart’s invisible furies РJohn Boyne
    22. Ich bin raus – Robert Wringham
    23. The Brooklyn follies – Paul Auster
    24. What I loved – Siri Hustvedt
    25. You gotta have balls – Lily Bret
    26. Die Eleganz des Igels – Muriel Barbary
  • Under the apple tree

    Under the apple tree from where I write
    I witness a dance between shadow and light
    lead by wind’s whisper they sprinkle the stage
    beneath the hovering pen and on the blank page
    Lady Light in her round, yellow gown
    Sir shadow in grey fills up the space all around
    While he forever stays firm in one place
    she sways softly projected by the sun’s rays
    Their intimate waltz lets me set down the pen
    adhering these words inspired by them


  • Shadow

    If you run away from your shadow
    It will only grow taller and taller
    And more frightening
    As its edges start to blurr
    But if you start to run towards it
    It will become smaller and smaller
    And more precise
    As its edges start to sharpen
    Then you will realize
    That it is you who decides
    How much power your shadow has over you


  • Cry for change

    How do you carry
    The weight of all the sorrow in this world
    How do you cope
    With all the pain and people getting hurt

    I sometimes feel like I am drowning
    In a stream of cruelty and rage
    That leads into an ocean
    Of violence and hate

    Why do you hit your neighbor’s face
    And don’t take them by their hand
    Instead of causing pointless conflicts
    Why don’t you just try to understand

    How can we do this to each other
    When in truth we’re all the same
    Why can’t we solve it all together
    Instead of pushing around the blame

    Why is it always more important
    To know whose fault it is
    Than to seek for a solution
    That might fix all of this mess

    We dropped our moral compass
    Everyone is lost and so afraid
    We keep on building our walls
    And live in prisons we create

    There’s so much beauty all around
    That we should appreciate much more
    But we’re taking it for granted
    Instead of peace we still choose war

    I often get so tired
    When I read all of the news
    Our humankind is damaged
    We’re all beaten up and bruised

    There’s enough for everyone
    If we’d only start to share
    If we’d reach out to each other
    And finally start to care

    Everything you do and say
    And everything you give
    Effects the ones around you
    And creates the world in which we live

    Yet I have not lost my faith
    Though we first might hit the ground
    Before true change can come
    Before we can turn the wheel around


    I thought I had to share a little something about what influenced this poem and why I wrote it. It was the story of two homosexual girls in London who were threatened and attacked by a couple of guys on a public transport. The guys first forced them to make out in front of them and when the women refused to do so they beat them up. This incident really got to me and left me feeling very emotional for a couple of days. It broke my heart and made me so heavy and helpless because again I realized how much unjustified cruelty and hate is out there in this world. I can not believe how people can do something like that to each other. How people use their physical dominance in order to threaten weaker people and hurt them. I know there is so much more violence going on out there but this case made me particularly upset. Here’s why: It happened in a civilized country/city in a public space where people should feel safe and secure. It happened in a stable and wealthy part of the world, a place where nobody has to fight for water, food, safety etc. Hence, there‚Äôs no struggle for survival which might be a reason and justification why people would start acting more violent according to their basic, primal instincts. But there was absolutely no justification to behave like a cave man! And that‚Äôs why in my opinion this incident was cruelty in its pure form. A physically stronger perpetrator forcing his power over a weaker victim for no obvious or justified reason! And that is so hard for me to understand. What were these guys thinking? Do they like to push around someone weaker than them? Are they so insecure with their own sexuality that they have to force two girls to perform a sexual act for them? If they are offended by homosexual behavior why do they provoke it in the first place? Would they have acted the same if they knew that their victims were as strong as them? That they could actually fight back? Did it give them pleasure to cause fear and pain? Did they feel strong? Did they feel powerful? Did they think it was funny? A joke? Did they regret their actions afterwards? Why did they start all of this? Why did they do this? Why? Why? Why? These are questions I just can not find any answers to and that‚Äôs why stories like that always break me apart.
    They are the reason why I stopped reading the news on a regular basis. Stuff like that always makes me think what I could do about it? What could I do to prevent something like that from happening? And then I get even more desperate and lost because I know I can not fix it. I can not fix it all.

    However, every story like this one firms my believe and demonstrates that we are all part of this planet and the society we are living in and that every single one’s behavior matters and has an effect on how this planet and this society looks like. Whatever you do will draw circles and everything you do or say has an effect on the people and the environment around you. It determines whether we can feel safe or threatened, whether we live in peace with each other or in war. And this thought then pushes me to try and be the best person that I can be. To be respectful with the people that surround me, to help them if they are in need, to show them that I care, to understand their side even if their behavior might trigger something in me, to reflect on my own actions and thoughts and to choose my words carefully and not offend anyone on purpose. It is not easy and it takes strength and a lot work because everyone of us has a lot to carry and this life is so complex and difficult for everyone of us. But I guess if we all made an effort to act in the best way possible within our own surroundings this world could be a much better and more secure and peaceful place. And maybe we are already at a point where this transition into a more peaceful society won’t happen without a big crash first. Maybe we need to hit the ground in order to really wake up for once but if this is needed than we should accept it and learn from it so we can turn the wheel around and make this a better place for everyone that comes after us.

  • The eagle

    This morning
    I watched an eagle pass by my balcony
    I admired his grace
    As he floated in the wind so effortlessly
    I asked how could I get so wild and free
    To put my life on thin air
    To trust the flow as he
    His wings spread wide
    He presents himself fully with pride
    And gracefully goes
    Wherever the wind blows
    But to change his action
    He simply performs a single flap
    Into a different direction
    And with an envious sigh
    I watched him go high
    Trying to follow him with my eye
    But he soon disappeared in the sky
    And my heart released a desireful cry
    Oh my, oh my
    I wish I could fly


  • Glitter and pink

    I do not know how to live life the right way
    I also do not have a plan where it might lead
    In fact
    I have not the slightest idea 
    what the hell I am doing here
    And where I am supposed to go
    Sometimes I get so tired
    of trying to figure it out
    of trying to do everything right
    And I just want to bundle up and hide from it all
    But I know 
    the answers can not be found 
    under a blanket
    They are out there waiting 
    in every corner of the earth
    in every stranger’s smile
    far outside the comfort zone
    So I swallow the fear
    and continue to explore and feel 
    every tiny fragment of this incredible life
    as long as my feet carry me
    And after that 
    I’ll just get a flying wheelchair 
    with jet streams
    and glitter
    in pink


  • Life lover

    I haven’t found the love of my life

    I have found to love my life


  • Sit and wait

    It is quiet on the mountain
    It is quiet by the lake
    It is quiet at the seashore
    Where I just sit and wait

    Where I sit and wait for thoughts
    Where I sit and wait for words
    Where I sit and wait so long
    Until it starts to hurt

    Until all of my feelings
    Come crashing over me
    Until I can’t escape
    What I really need to see

    What usually is covered
    By all the noise around
    By all those nagging voices
    And disturbing city sounds

    And as the noises stop
    I start to comprehend
    Everything that hurts
    Just helps me to understand

    Just like a stone blocking a cave
    That you have to remove
    To bring in all the light
    When you want to find the truth

    When everything is quiet
    When no one is around
    Someone whispers me the answers
    So I can write them down

    So I sit quiet on the mountain
    I sit quiet by the lake
    I sit quiet at the seashore
    I just sit and wait


  • Notre Dame

    Oh our dear Lady
    We were not yet ready
    To see you go down in flames and ashes
    Through which your iron heart still gracefully flashes
    So many centuries passed by your rosetta’s eyes
    Wherein you wittnessed war, peace, intrigues and lies
    Your womb housed birth, marriage and death
    Sinners sought forgivness under your roses’ wreath

    Oh our dear lady
    We were not yet ready
    For your last prayer
    Sermoning nothing will last forever
    That even the strongest wall
    One day has to fall

    So our dear lady
    We might never be ready
    But here’s your farewell
    You’ll live through the stories we’ll continue to tell


  • Promise

    I do not know if we will be together
    through any storm, through any weather
    But I will try to fall in love with you
    every single day anew


  • Body language

    Our lips might use a different tongue
    but our bodies speak the same language


  • Love will find you

    Love will find you
    Love will find you in the most lonely situations
    Love will find you in the biggest crisis
    Love will find you in the most fundamental doubts
    Love will find you through the heaviest rain
    Love will find you in the biggest storm
    Love will find you in the deepest despair
    Love will find you in the most abandoned places
    Love will find you when you are all alone
    Love will find you wherever you are
    Love will find you whoever you are
    Love will find you without warning
    Love will find you without effort
    Love will find you without grand gestures
    Love will find you softly
    Love will find you unexpectedly
    Love will find you unannounced
    Love will find you just like that
    Love will find you anyway
    Love will find you


  • Peel down the layers

    Peel down the layers
    One by one
    Get to the core
    To your essence
    To what you have been along

    Before they came
    and covered your skin
    with fabrics and colors
    never designed for you
    never your size

    You came here already complete
    You don’t need a costume
    You don’t need camouflage
    You don’t need silk and pashmina
    You don’t need make-up
    Your are pure perfection from the start
    You are everything you need
    You are everything

    But they made you forget
    How it feels
    To be naked
    To be the one you are
    You became afraid
    of how they would look
    how they would judge
    If you stripped down
    And showed yourself bare
    You even became afraid
    That you would not recognize yourself anymore
    That you would not like what you’d find
    Beneath all of these layers

    But you are beautiful and unique
    Raw and edgy
    The best version of yourself
    Stretching and expanding constantly
    You will never fit into a one size suit
    No matter how hard you try
    It will always feel wrong and uncomfortable
    You will never breathe fully
    In these clothes they put you in

    So peel them down
    All of these layers
    Get undressed
    Look underneath
    Look inside
    Find the essence
    Find yourself
    Find everything


  • Upcycling

    You can not hurt me
    the past built me an armour
    made from pieces
    of my broken heart


  • Wild thunder

    I am a wild thunder of emotions
    Uncountable and untamed
    they storm
    within me
    over me
    and out of me
    It is my temperament
    Nothing I can escape
    But you told me to keep it at bay
    Because you could not handle all of me
    So I let myself be tamed
    I locked it all
    behind a calm and quiet face
    But underneath this tranquil masquerade
    Thunder and Lightning
    were still seething in my soul
    Growing stronger and wilder than ever
    And let us be honest
    a raging thunder can not be tamed
    So on the day
    this trembling tornado of emotions
    finally broke out of me
    it just blew you away


  • Water therapy

    I need to feel the ocean
    or else my mind runs dry


  • I wake up early

    I wake up early
    to witness
    How darkness turns into light
    How the world awakens
    How new life begins
    In an endless circle
    Day and night, night and day
    taking their turns in an infinite play
    Two forces so vigorous
    That even the sky’s boundless stage
    is only big enough for each at a time
    Instead of outplaying the other
    they share their space equally
    Everyone presents their act
    in their own time
    Without interruption
    Each waiting silently behind the scenes
    Until it is their turn again
    No fight, No war, No envy
    Just awe and respect
    for their divine counterpart
    The roles are distributed fairly
    One could not perform without the other
    The play would be incomplete
    And in the small glimpse
    when night exits and day enters
    In the short marriage
    of darkness and light
    They bear an ascending awakening of life
    Every day anew
    So I wake up early
    To witness the infinite play
    Of day and night


  • Just create it

    You ask me how I came
    to live this life I’m living
    Well I guess
    I just created it

    Recently a couple of people have been asking me how I am able to afford my travels and how I came to live my current travel lifestyle and somehow this question always triggers me and also makes me very uncomfortable. Honestly, I have no clue how I ended up where I am right now. I did not consciously choose this path it just somehow happened. A couple of years ago I just started to listen to my heart and to follow my gut feeling and to switch off all worries and fearful thoughts and since then things have been unravelling sort of magically. What I am doing now might seem exotic and maybe also crazy to some people but it is my normal reality which I just created for myself. There is not one right way to live life on this beautiful planet there are in fact as many ways as there are people. Everyone has to decide what feels right for them and what he or she wants to do with this time they are given here. I can just advise you that if you believe in it everything is possible and that we sometimes just have to step out of our limited thinking and also out of our comfort zone. It‚Äôs not always happy beach and sunshine here. It is also a struggle to be away from friends and family and I sometimes also miss some kind of routine and a permanent home. But that will happen with every decision you make it will never be absolutely perfect and maybe the people around you won‚Äôt understand what, how and why you are doing something. But the only important thing is that you are content and happy with your own choices and the life you lead because no one else can do that for you. So, just go follow your heart and create the reality you want to live in and be grateful for everything you already have! I’m off to get a coconut!

    Peace out and talk to you soon again ‚úĆ



  • Broken heart rehab

    Once upon a time
    My heart got broken
    And over the years
    I tried to press it together again
    By putting clay all over it
    One layer after the other
    To build a protective frame

    But one day
    My heart had outgrown its dried up shell
    And the shield burst into bits and pieces
    Laying its protégée bare
    But my heart was still damaged
    It could not heal
    Because all of the fresh air was kept outside

    Since then
    I am living with my broken heart
    Out in the open
    Without protection
    And I will let it breathe and heal
    On its own terms
    And in its own time

    So now
    I ask you
    To be soft with it
    To handle it with care
    To be patient
    Until it is whole again
    Until it is strong enough
    to beat with yours



    I am not just a body
    to serve all of your pleasures

    I am not just a vessel
    to hold all of your desires

    I am not just a canvas
    for your lust’s projections

    I am not just a toy
    you can fool around with anytime

    I am not just a mouth
    for your lips to tease

    I am not just a shell
    you can crawl into whenever you please

    I am a mind
    I am a heart
    I am a soul
    I am a woman


  • Danit – Nauraleza

    I just quickly wanted to share a beautiful song that I had on repeat constantly for the past couple of days.
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Danit – Naturaleza (Mose Edit)



    And also a big, big, big thanks to everyone who is hanging out with me and my thoughts on here more or less often,
    very much appreciated <3

    Talk to you soon again


  • Goodbyes

    I will not tell you
    That I am going to miss you
    It will only burden your back
    with the bittersweet weight of regret

    I want to send you on your way
    with a light and open heart
    and an empty bag to be filled
    with growth and joy

    But I will tell you
    That I’ll be waiting for you
    If you decide to return
    To listen to all of your stories
    To learn from what you have seen


  • Take me out to dance

    Take me out to dance
    Among the stars eye’s glance
    Swirl me around
    Until we lose the ground
    Turn me till we lose our sight
    Let’s forget where’s left and right
    Let’s unlearn everything we think we know
    Until we are carried only by our natural flow
    Let’s get lost in universe’s boundless frame
    Until we find ourselves in each other again


  • The wind

    I was a leaf
    hanging motionless on a tree
    You were the wind
    and when you came
    I started to dance


  • The ones I love

    How come
    I keep my distance
    To the ones
    I’d love to be close

    How come
    I become quiet
    Next to the ones
    I’d love to tell everything

    How come
    I look away
    From the ones
    I’d love to see all the time

    How come
    I am paralyzed
    among the ones
    I’d love to dance with all night

    How come
    I turn to ice
    Among the ones
    I’d love to keep warm

    How come
    I tremble
    with the ones
    I’d love to feel safe

    How come
    I turn my shoulder
    On the ones
    I’d love to embrace

    How come
    I am so afraid
    Of the ones
    I love


  • Meditation

    In stillness I hear my heartbeat
    The breath follows its rhythm
    And my mind is at peace


  • Cleaning advice

    Before you go around
    sweeping other people’s doorstep
    You should test the broom
    in front of your own door first


  • Zeit und Raum

    Gib mir die Zeit, das alles zu fassen
    Gib mir die Zeit, mir meine Gedanken zu machen
    Gib mir die Zeit, um meinen Rhythmus zu finden
    Gib mir die Zeit, meine Grenzen zu √ľberwinden
    Gib mir die Zeit, um zu wachsen
    Gib mir die Zeit, meine Gef√ľhle zu takten
    Gib mir die Zeit, zu verstehen wer ich bin
    Gib mir die Zeit, zu wissen, was ich dir eigentlich sagen will

    Gib mir den Raum, um mich zu strecken
    Gib mir den Raum, um meine Welt zu entdecken
    Gib mir den Raum, ich muss mich kurz um mich selber drehen
    Gib mir den Raum, um die Dimensionen zu verstehen
    Gib mir den Raum, um alte Struktur’n zu vergessen
    Gib mir den Raum, um neue Distanzen zu messen
    Gib mir den Raum, um Platz zu schaffen
    Gib mir den Raum, um Raum f√ľr dich zu machen

    Es ist nicht f√ľr immer
    Und auch nicht unendlich weit
    Aber um zu sehen wo ich steh
    Brauch ich einfach mehr Raum und etwas mehr Zeit
    Ich muss einmal raus
    und mir meine Welt bau’n
    Aber um das zu tun
    Brauch ich einfach mehr Zeit und etwas mehr Raum

    Und ich trage dich bei mir
    In jeder Sekunde und bei jedem Schritt
    Mein Herz ist mit deinem verbunden
    Nimmt dich jederzeit und √ľberall hin mit


  • Start to run

    You live this life
    From day to day
    Stuck in foreign circles
    Never finding your own way

    You are looking for the answers
    For something to believe
    For someone who will tell you
    Where all of this will lead

    And you hear this tiny voice
    At the far end of your head
    But you think it’s foolish
    And you stop listening

    The more you blend it out
    The quieter it gets
    Then finally it stops
    Or you forget that it exists

    But maybe that small voice
    Knows what you need to hear
    What no one else can tell you
    The real truth that you fear

    A remedy to all your doubts
    A cure for all this pain
    An answer to the questions
    Driving you insane

    So if you hear the call
    Then you should start to run
    Cause time my dear
    Won’t wait for anyone


  • Monkey mind off

    I sat down today and told myself
    not to worry so much
    life’s just too short
    for that kind of stuff


  • In between the dark

    In between the dark
    In a streak of light
    A feline shadow hides
    Watching day turn into night


  • Real talk

    I do not want another sweet message

    I can not feel your tenderness through a screen
    I want your words to reach my ears
    and not my eyes
    I want to see your smile
    and not your emoji’s
    I want your hands to touch my skin
    and not your keyboard
    I want a connection between us
    and not your wifi

    I prefer real talk


  • Finding love

    I believe love occurs
    when people are looking for the same thing
    and then find it in each other


  • One page romance

    Ours was not the story
    of an eternal love novel
    with grand gestures
    rose paddle romance
    or midnight fireworks
    It was more kind of a one pager
    of shy glances at bus stops
    and timid hellos in hallways
    reading it was worth just the same


  • Your choice

    If you treat me like
    an object
    I’ll have not feelings in return

    If you treat me like
    a woman
    I’ll make you feel like a man


  • I’m not lost

    No, I’m not lost
    I’m not running away
    I just haven’t found
    The place where I want to stay


  • Pleasures vs. Happiness

    will come and go
    leaving a gap behind
    you have to fill again and again

    will stay with you
    forming a stable ground
    you can rely on again and again


  • Future lover

    Future Lover
    This one’s going to be tough
    Cause the road till here was rough
    I often crashed and broke my heart
    And my dream filled waggon fell apart
    It lay there upside down
    Next to high hopes scattered on the ground

    But I think
    I got it fixed
    Future lover
    You’re up next


  • Change

    With the pen in my hand
    I wait for thoughts to release
    But there is nothing to write
    Because my mind is at ease

    I got rid of it all
    Left my troubles at home
    There’s no room for old baggage
    On this journey to grow

    Yet the path is unclear
    I don’t know where to go
    But when I finally get there
    I will let you know

    My heart is open
    My mind is free
    Change is coming
    Crashing over me

    I trust what is out there
    Will show me the way
    It will keep me protected
    It will show me what to play

    So don’t you worry about me
    I’m sure that good things will come
    And with my heart wide open
    I finally start to run

    My heart is open
    My mind is free
    Change is coming
    Crashing over me


  • Truth be told

    I am happy
    because I choose to be
    it does not come


  • What you’re looking for?

    If you’re just looking for a kiss
    then darling, you are at the wrong address
    If you’re looking just for me
    then I’ll come downstairs
    so we can speak


  • Silentium

    People around me
    sometimes talk so much
    so I stay quiet
    to prevent the air
    from getting polluted
    by too many words


  • The lover’s dance

    The lover’s dance does not require a choreography
    Without fixed movement
    The motion flows fluid and free
    For no couple can be compared
    It’s a unique performance
    Which can not be shared
    A choreography is made out of limited and well known steps
    But the lover’s dance should be much more
    It goes beyond familiar precepts
    It should bend our believes and stretch our souls
    It should widen our hearts
    Break us out of our emotional walls
    The lover’s dance may often seem crooked and out of place
    A formation of faults
    That still bears world’s most elegant grace
    A choreography has a beginning and always an end
    But the lover’s dance creates an infinite bond
    A timeless and continuous blend
    A choreographed dance is precise and perfect
    But lovers are humans
    They are bound to forget
    They may skip a step and may make mistakes
    But they learn and they grow
    Through what imperfection creates

    The lover’s dance does not require a choreography
    It is forever composed
    by a peculiar mystery


  • Love hurts, Love heals

    People loving you the most
    May sometimes hurt you just the same
    By learning to forgive them
    You can cure each other’s pain


  • The bird

    No I’m not a small bird
    you can put into a cage
    and I’m also not a lost soul
    asking for the way
    And I’m also not a poor thing
    needing to be safed
    I am surely not a treasure
    that you can lock away
    I’m also not a painting
    I don’t fit into one frame
    And I ain’t a boat that’s sinking
    calling to be rescued from the waves

    But I’m an eagle in the blue sky
    I’m spreading out my wings
    I have a heart that’s alway open
    finding new paths every day
    My world is rich with people
    who I can count on if I fail
    and I’m a diamond shining brightest
    in the light of day
    I’m painting my own canvas
    with all colors vividly
    And I’m conquering the ocean
    letting the waves carry me

    But if you’re really worth it
    then you can fly with me
    we can search for new directions
    fill our minds with precious memories
    and with the treasures that we find
    we can build our gallery
    and out ships can float alongside
    out there in the open sea

    No I’m not a small bird
    you can put into a cage
    I’m an eagle in the blue sky
    I’m spreading out my wings
    And if you’re really worth it
    then you can fly with me


  • If you really care to know

    I am tired of people telling me that I am closed up
    That I am not putting my heart out there
    That I am not showing who I truly am
    When in fact it is them
    Who do not look closely
    Who do not listen carefully
    Who are mostly so absorbed with their own ego
    That there is no space for anyone else anyway
    It is true
    I am not going around throwing my heart and soul into everyone’s face
    I would consider that a rude and egocentric behavior
    And I probably can’t tell you who I am
    Because it changes constantly
    And most of the time I am confused and do not even know it myself
    But I am open
    And I will try to explain
    If you really listen
    If you really care to know


  • Source of inspiration

    What nurtures your soul
    What nurtures your heart
    What leads your dry mouth
    Longing for inspiration and thought
    To the refreshing spring
    Where all of those words in clarity swim
    Is it a guiding voice from outside
    Whose visit you constantly wish for
    But can not invite
    Or does it hide deep within
    A subtle companion
    Only arising when you are still
    You might never know
    where it is from
    Just keep your heart open
    And let those words come


  • Bodytalk

    You are looking for someone
    Who understands you
    Who knows what you are going through
    Who can tell you what to do?
    Listen to your body
    It has been with you through it all


  • Heritage

    If this life
    has caused you so much pain
    Why do you desperately try to convince me
    to go down the same path


  • The Keys

    Wherever I go
    I always miss those keys
    The feeling when my fingers touch the smooth, polished surface
    The moment before I push them down
    It is filled with silence
    But already holds all the tones that are about to come
    A pause
    Before I pour my heart all over it
    And then with a soft pressure
    The first note escapes
    Breaking the stillness
    The first raindrop of a thunderstorm
    My hands begin to tremble
    My fingers start to run faster
    Up and down
    In waves
    Out of my control
    I am out at sea
    In a little boat
    Guided by an external force
    The melodies come crashing in
    Shaken to the core by what is going on outside
    I am unable to escape the motion
    But try to move with it
    Sometimes drowning under water
    Holding my breath
    Feeling the beauty in the roughness
    Of these crooked tones
    Sometimes floating on the surface
    Dancing on the water
    In total harmony
    No matter where I am
    I let go
    I let go of myself and give in
    to this black and white storm
    This melodious depth
    This musical force
    Let it carry me
    I forget about time and space
    Only me, my hands and these keys
    Until the storm pulls away
    The winds settle
    And with the last raindrop
    I release the pressure
    And take my hands away
    The final note still hanging in the air
    Is taken over by silence
    Which still vibrates from all the tones that just escaped
    And I feel relieved
    I always miss those keys
    Wherever I go



    While I wrote this I was listening to Jean-Michel Blais. Incredibly beautiful piano music!
    You can listen to it here

    Talk to you soon again

  • Swimming


    on fluid freedom
    embraced by clarity


  • Traveler’s heart

    I wonder
    how much of my heart is left
    cause every time I go
    I leave a piece behind


  • There is a woman inside of me

    There is a woman inside of me
    Who I am trying to find
    Who I am trying to be

    She is kind and so full of love
    She needs no outside approval
    Being herself is perfect enough

    She likes to stay quiet and calm
    Full of mystery
    With an irresistible charm

    She is the balanced kind
    Both soft and strong
    With an equanimous mind

    She worships the good and the bad
    Both are her teachers
    that guide her ahead

    She speaks her words with intentional care
    Does not waste a syllable
    And refuses to swear

    She has an open and inspiring heart
    Turning her feelings
    Into music and art

    She is not trying to please everyone
    She goes her own way
    And sings her individual song

    She is independent and free
    No one dictates
    Where she shall go or who she shall be

    She is full of knowledge of any kind
    Reads books and poems
    To feed her forever curious mind

    She calls the world her home
    Glides through cultures and countries
    Never afraid of feeling alone

    She allows herself to make mistakes
    Avoids pointless perfection
    But watches the steps she carefully takes

    She is her true self with every fiber
    A warrior woman
    With a soul stronger and wilder

    She is the woman that I try to be
    The woman inside
    One day she’ll be me


  • So, what’s your job? / Herzsache

    On my trip to Mexico in 2017 I met a German guy in my hostel and we decided to explore some Mayan ruins together. Of course I first asked him what his job was and and we talked a round about his and my profession. But only at the end of the day we spent togeher I found out that he was making music and wrote lyrics in his free time. Suddenly, when he was talking about that, there was a sparkle in his eyes which immediately got to me. It gave me a totally new impression of him. And boy, I was impressed by his messages, lyrics and beats when I got a first listen on the busride home.

    This story always reminds me to try to start a conversation not by asking what someone is doing for a job but what their true passion is. What excites them. What do they love to do. Their ‚ÄěHerzsache‚Äú (matter of the heart). That usually tells such a more powerful story about a person than a jobtitle. And in the best case passion and job are even the same thing!

    Long story short, please give this talented gentleman, Renas, with his intelligent wordgames and heartfilling lyrics a listen because the world needs more people and messages like this!!

    Leg die Hand auf meine Brust
    Und höre drauf, was mein Herz halt so brummt
    innere stimme der Vernunft
    dass die meisten f√ľr sie Taub sind
    ist f√ľr Vieles hier der Grund

    Renas Tokan – Herzssache

    Listen on Spotify

    Talk to you soon again

  • Surf lesson

    One man’s
    is another man’s
    waiting line


  • I am scared

    I am scared to live this life of endless possibilities
    So scared that I will drown
    That it will just crash over me
    Burying me underneath it all

    I am scared to let go of everything I know
    To make space
    So what is meant to be
    Has room and time to grow

    I am scared that I will go the wrong way
    Unable to read the signs
    That I will pick a direction not meant for me
    And that I will get lost with no way of return

    I am scared that I am not strong enough
    To give all that it takes
    That I will break down
    Shortly before I reach the finish line

    I am scared that I will be alone
    That there is no one out there
    Who will understand
    And who will see me

    I trust that when I finally fought my way
    To the place where I’m supposed to be
    All of these fears will dissolve
    And everything will be ok


  • Self destructive love

    my heart begged.
    ‚ÄúNo more breaking, please!‚ÄĚ
    But I already hugged the next guy
    with a hammer in his hand


  • Mary Oliver – The Journey

    Mary Oliver – The Journey

    One day you finally knew
    What you had to do, and began,
    Though the voices around you
    Kept shouting
    Their bad advice‚Äö
    Though the whole house
    Began to tremble
    And you felt the old tug
    At your ankles.
    ‚ÄúMend my life!‚ÄĚ
    Each voice cried.
    But you didn’t stop.
    You knew what you had to do,
    Though the wind pried
    With its stiff fingers
    At the very foundations‚Äö
    Though their melancholy
    Was terrible.
    It was already late
    Enough, and a wild night,
    And the road full of fallen
    Branches and stones.
    But little by little,
    As you left their voices behind,
    The stars began to burn
    Through the sheets of clouds,
    And there was a new voice,
    Which you slowly
    Recognized as your own,
    That kept you company
    As you strode deeper and deeper
    Into the world,
    Determined to do
    The only thing you could do‚Äö
    Determined to save
    The only life you could save.

    Yes, it can be really hard to just follow your own heart and go on your own path despite what everyone around you is saying. And this poem by Mary Oliver really covers a lot of feelings I have towards that topic. Maybe it also speaks to you and encourages you to go your own individual way and also to continue to do so although it might get tough at times. The struggle will be worth it!

    Talk to you soon again


  • The best person you can be

    The world around you
    Looks different for everyone
    Because you will always see it
    Through your own eyes
    Through your own thoughts
    Through your own believes
    Through your own judgment
    Through your own personality
    So if you want to see a better world
    You have to see it through the eyes
    Of the best person you can be


  • I am blessed

    I am blessed
    for all the magical places
    that I get to go

    I am blessed
    for all the magnificent faces
    that I get to know


  • The soul

    Yesterday evening a local Band from Sri Lanka played at the hotel I was staying and their songs, lyrics and also the lead singer’s voice really really blew my mind (Yes, they might have a new groupie now). And I did not want to withhold them from you. They are called ‘The Soul’ and recently recorded an Album which you can find on Spotify.

    I especially loved their song ‘Butterflies in flight’ which you can also find here:


    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    Talk to you soon again


  • Worship every page

    Your whole life’s story
    is bound in one book
    combining all chapters
    good and bad

    So if you tear out the pages
    with fear,
    with pain,
    with doubt
    and with regret
    the whole thing will fall apart


  • Der rechte Fleck

    Und ich laufe durch die Nacht
    bin von der Stille aufgewacht
    Hab keinen Weg und auch kein Ziel
    Licht aus, die Dunkelheit verraŐąt nicht viel

    Beim Aufbruch hab ich niemanden geweckt
    Aus Angst sie hielten mich zuruŐąck
    Hab’s fast nicht aus der TuŐąr geschafft
    und mich am Ende doch noch aufgerafft

    Jetzt wander ich allein umher
    kein Mensch hier, die Straßen leer
    Meine Gedanken treiben mich voran
    Die Angst ist groß, ich komm nie an

    Aufbruch, Losrennen und schnell weg
    Auf der Suche nach dem rechten Fleck
    Weiß niemals ob ich richtig bin
    Ist das der Weg, wo muss ich hin

    An der Kreuzung steht ein Mann
    und er sieht mich fragend an
    waŐąr schoŐąn, wenn du hier bei mir bleibst
    nur solange bis’ dich weitertreibt

    Es tut mir leid, das kann ich nicht
    und lauf schon los waŐąhrend ers noch spricht
    Ich muss alleine weitergehen
    und zuerst einmal mich selbst verstehen

    Die FuŐą√üe tun schoŐąn langsam weh
    Der Asphalt ist hart auf dem ich geh
    Eine Stimme fragt ‚Äěist es noch weit‚Äú
    Ich dreh mich hier doch nur im Kreis

    Aufbruch, Losrennen und schnell weg
    Auf der Suche nach dem rechten Fleck
    Weiß niemals ob ich richtig bin
    Ist das der Weg, wo muss ich hin

    Und ich denke schon ich find ihn nicht
    da trifft ein Lichtstrahl mein Gesicht
    und auf der Straße vor mir gehen Leute
    SchoŐąn, dass du endlich da bist, hoŐąr ichs von der Seite

    Aufbruch losrennen und schnell weg
    auf der Suche nach dem rechten Fleck
    Scheint als ob ich endlich richtig bin
    Das ist mein Weg hier will ich hin


    Just returned from a 10 day Vipassana meditation course and though I don not think I am glowing in the dark now I do feel a lot lighter, reliefed and happy :). The schedule was pretty tight, you get up at four, you‚Äôre not allowed to talk, read, write, exercise or have any interaction with anyone around you. Basically it‚Äôs 10 hours of meditation straight every day (100hrs in total). It was already my second 10 day Vipassana and I really have to say I foud a gemstone for myself and I do think that everyone can really profit from the technique that is taught there. The main goal is insight and awareness which is achieved by ‘examing’ the whole body and it’s sensations with the mind. It is free from any religion and believe and basically free of charge because it‚Äôs donationbased. I do not want to convince or convert anyone here but if you are interested there is more information on the Website (dhamma.org) and you can also ask me anything about it if you want. And by the way Vipassana centers are to be found all over the world.

    One more positive effect is that it has always been very fruitful for my creativity and writing so there’s more stuff in the making for this little space here. For now I only wanted to share some lyrics of a song I wrote a couple of years ago that kept coming up throughout the course.

    Here’s also a recording of the song
    Der rechte Fleck (Soundcloud)

    Talk to you soon again

  • Mindsploration

    You do not have to travel far
    to experience something new
    there is a whole world
    of breathtaking beauty
    up in your head
    ready to be explored


  • Distance / Time / Oblivion

    is just an eight letter word
    that won’t keep us apart
    Regardless where I go
    I keep you in my heart

    is just a four letter word
    That won’t come in between
    any of our moments
    and how you make me feel

    is just an eight letter word
    not able to erase
    the stories that we share
    and the memory of your face

  • Understanding silence

    In the breaks of our conversation
    In the gaps of sentences
    In between our words
    In the pauses
    In silence
    I started to hear you


  • Travelscent

    In the beginning
    I always get insecure
    dubious doubts disturb my mind
    What are you doing?
    What is all this for?
    Why do you always leave your comfortzone?
    But then I go outside
    to take a breath
    of this air filled with
    adventure and discovery
    and the overwhelming scent of
    And immediately I know
    why I’m on the road again


    I’ve been in Colombo for three days now and I have to say it hit me like a sledgehammer how hard these first travel days can be. I keep forgetting about that. Everything is new, you do not know your way around. The culture is new and you first have to adapt to it and learn how life works in this environment. Additionally, Colombo is not the cute, little and homey town but rather a big noisy and stressy city. So well here I am wondering once more: What the hell am I actually doing and why?

    But there are already these small glimpses , smiles from people on the street, the comfy feeling when you discover a nice, little cafe where you can just sit, relax and tame the circus that is going on in your head. The delicious tastes of food you never had in your life before. So, I’ll try to remember not to get too stressed any more in these first days. To take it slow in the beginning and not try to go, see and do everything all at once. And to take a big breath at first to take in this oh so sweet travelscent!

    Talk to you soon again


  • So viele Leute

    So viele Leute sagen es ist falsch was ich tu
    So viele Leute geben ungefragt ihren unnötigen Senf mit dazu
    So viele Leute suchen die Fehler lieber bei anderen und nicht bei sich selbst
    So viele Leute kapieren nicht worum es geht auf dieser Welt
    So viele Leute die immer wissen wie’s bei allen anderen besser geht
    So viele Leute deren eigenes Leben aber in einer Sackgasse steht
    So viele Leute meinen sie wären so viel gescheiter
    So viele Leute drehen sich trotzdem im selben Kreis immer weiter
    So viele Leute wollen ein großes Haus, Pool und Garten
    So viele Leute haben un√ľberschaubare Schulden im Nacken
    So viele Leute sehen da √ľberhaupt kein Problem
    So viele Leute unterst√ľtzen ein absolut krankes System
    So viele Leute meinen ich wär nicht ganz dicht
    So viele Leute haben doch ihr eigenes Leben auch nicht im Griff
    So viele Leute sagen, du könntest so viel mehr aus dir machen
    So viele Leute haben bei ihren Jobs aber auch nicht grad viel zu lachen
    So viele Leute wollen mir sagen wie’s richtig geht
    So viele Leute deren eigener Traum auf dem Abstellgleis steht
    So viele Leute die gern ihre Ratschläge geben
    So viele Leute ohne einen Plan vom richtigen Leben
    So viele Leute haben immer so viel zu sagen
    So viele Leute sind ganz krank von den Geschw√ľren in ihrem Magen
    So viele Leute fragen nicht wie es mir eigentlich geht
    So viele Leute erz√§hlen lieber wie’s um Max Mustermann steht
    So viele Leute haben ihre Kritik ständig bereit
    So viele Leute frisst doch auch einfach der Neid

    Zu vielen Leuten hab ich zu lang geglaubt
    Zu viele Leute haben mir zu oft meinen Frieden geraubt
    Zu vielen Leuten bin ich zu weit nachgerannt
    Zu viele Leute mit zu wenig Verstand

    So vielen Leuten hör ich jetzt nicht mehr zu
    So viele Leute bringen mich ab jetzt nicht mehr aus der Ruh
    So viele Leute setzen mir keinen Floh mehr ins Ohr
    So viele Leute schreiben mir keine Regeln mehr vor
    So viele Leute sind mir ab jetzt egal
    So viele Leute können mich mal


  • Sri Lanka, here I come!

    New adventures ahead!

    I am currently on a train to the airport in Vienna catching a plane to Sri Lanka where I’ll be spending the next months. There’s no return date yet. First stop will be a 10 day vipassana meditation course and then I’ll probably head south to catch some waves and thoughts to write about. Looking forward to this new country, new culture and new inspiration and I’m happy if you come along with me through this little blog

    As I’m writing this I’m listening to Nil Ciur√≥. Beautiful beautiful music! Give it a listen!

    Spotify Nil Ciuró РFuturalgia

    Soundcloud Nil Ciuró РFuturalgia

    Talk to you soon again.


    P.S.: Flying is still one of the most magical things in the world <3

  • The greatest wealth in life

    The greatest wealth in life can not be spent
    but it will provide you a home
    it will keep you warm and protected
    it will nourish you with the most exquisit tastes
    and it will give you more than money could ever buy

    The greatest wealth in life
    are alle the beautiful souls around you
    those marvelous minds that enrich your life constantly
    those diamond spirits that enhance your own glow
    those gracious hearts that love you for who you are

    The greatest wealth in life
    is distributed equally
    through all the precious memories
    you share with those


  • Unexpected affection

    Yesterday outside I saw
    this couple leaning against a wall
    as she got up on her tiptoes
    to reach and kiss his nose
    he put his hand around her hips
    to lift and kiss her cheek


  • Words in progress

    As I sat beneath the starlit sky
    a group of wandering words rained down
    they landed on my head
    and crawled beneath my skin for shelter
    there they mingled, danced and intertwined
    forming strong and meaningful connections
    combined in graceful harmony
    they then slid down into my hand
    to flow out gently
    carefully revealing their gracious bond
    ready to settle and commit
    forever on the white blank page


  • If I could go back

    If I could go back and talk to the girl I used to be I would start by telling her that life is full of ever changing mystery and as far as I know now it probably takes more than a lifetime to find out what it all means. But I would go on by telling her that within this time she is given she should always dare to dream and always trust and believe that life will guide and lead her exactly to where she needs to be. I would also confront her with the truth and that this road she has ahead of her will be very rough and exhausting at times and that she will get hurt and bruised along the way. But I would also make damn sure she knows that she already has every weapon within her to fight and overcome all of these downfalls and that she will rise from all of them stronger and more beautiful than she was before. I would tell her that if she stays true to herself and listens to her own heart she will always be right. Even if her opinion is contrary to what everyone around is saying she should follow her gut. Because no one else but herself will ever know what is right or wrong for her. I would also tell her that her aim should never ever be to become perfect because she is enough and so much more than perfect already. The only thing she should aim for is to always give her own very best. But that the shape of her very best can change every day, every hour and even every minute. So sometimes she will feel strong and powerful, ready to conquer the world and sometimes maybe just breathing is all she can do and then that’s enough too. And I would tell her that she should always fight for and follow her dreams and to put love and passion into everything she does. And if that is not available for something it might just not be right for her and that it is also ok to let go. To let go of dreams and believes and of people and of places that no longer serve her. I would tell her that she will learn that she is neither able to change the whole world nor another person. But with her words and actions she has the tremendous power to transform herself and her surroundings into something better and more beautiful and with that she can inspire others to do the same. I would tell her that there will be a lot and different kinds of people coming into her life but it is always upon her to decide who deserves the right to stay and who has to leave her world again. And that no matter who they are or how they treat her she can learn from each one of these encounters. And that often those who have different views, beliefs and opinions than her own turn out to be the best teachers.

    If I could go back to the girl I used to be I would tell her that some of her plans will not work out and that her story will be rewritten again and again because the only constant thing in life is change. And that she should never be worried or afraid if things fall apart or come to an end because every single stage of her life is a beautiful and important but also tiny fragment of a big, magnificent mosaik. And one day when she looks back on all the adventures she had it will be whole and all the pieces will fit perfectly. And if she lived her life to the fullest not being directed by worries or fear but by staying true to herself with an open heart and an open mind she might even get a glimpse of what it all means.

    If I could go back to the girl I used to be I would hug her and tell her I love her and that I am so grateful for her helping me to become the woman I am today. And we would both turn our gaze forward excited to meet all the wonderful women this life will still turn us into.


  • Watch out

    We are all so dictated by this thing called


    Minutes, hours, months and years
    Govern our lives
    But they are all made up
    A manmade illusion

    The rivers will still run
    The air will still flow
    The world will still turn
    The sun will still rise
    Long after all our clocks stopped ticking


  • Brainwash

    The sound of warm summer rain in my ear
    Washes away transient thoughts
    And leaves my mind fresh and clear


  • Wordcrumbs

    I usually do not know
    where the words will take me
    They just show up
    At any place or time
    they take my hand
    and invite me to come with them

    While I throw breadcrumbs on the way
    they guide me to the depths of my mind
    To places I haven’t been before
    where they teach me everything I need to know

    But only when I go back
    when I retrace the steps
    While I pick up breadcrumb after breadcrumb
    I start to gather the meaning
    to uncover the truth
    Of what has been there
    all along


  • Love nest

    I want to lie next to you
    on a big mattress of security
    wrapped in a light blanket of trust
    our heads resting on a soft pillow of mutual understanding
    under a weightless ceiling of endless possibilities
    surrounded by the sweet scent of sunlit sunday mornings
    and the harmonized beat of our love filled hearts

    And I as I close my eyes
    with a smile on my face
    I know I am home