• My favorite books

    “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” 
    ― Charles W. Eliot

    Books are my most valued companions wherever I go and I usually carry at least one of these paper buddies with me at all times. I could browse through bookshops or the internet for hours to find the next written adventure I can jump right into. In my opinion they are an exquisit entrance gate into the world of other people’s heads and I love to get lost in these stories and to find out something new about myself through them. I especially worship those that transform your way of thinking and where you do not get out the same person as you were before you started to read them. So here are some of my most beloved titles (not in any particular order) which have been my mentors and friends, gave me comfort in difficult times, made me laugh and cry and helped me to understand the world around me a little bit better. Maybe there’s something for you among them as well 🙂

    Talk to you soon

    1. Shantaram – Gregory Roberts
    2. Ein ganzes Leben – Robert Seethaler
    3. Ishmael – Daniel Qinn
    4. The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho
    5. Siddharta & Narziss und Goldmund- Hermann Hesse
    6. Das größere Wunder – Thomas Glavinic
    7. The Bhagavad Gita
    8. The essential Rumi
    9. The power of now & A new earth – Eckhardt Tolle
    10. The untethered soul – Michael A. Singer
    11. Conscious Loving – Gay Hendricks
    12. Big Magic C – Elizabeth Gilbert
    13. Vom Ende der Einsamkeit – Benedikt Wells
    14. Das Kartengeheimnis & Das Orangenmädchen – Jostein Gaarder
    15. Was man von hier aus sehen kann – Mariana Leyke
    16. Die Mitte der Welt – Andreas Steinhöfel
    17. América – T.C. Boyle
    18. Milk and Honey – Rupi Kaur
    19. Thinking fast and Slow – Daniel Kahnemann
    20. Freedom – Jonathan Franzen
    21. The heart’s invisible furies – John Boyne
    22. Ich bin raus – Robert Wringham
    23. The Brooklyn follies – Paul Auster
    24. What I loved – Siri Hustvedt
    25. You gotta have balls – Lily Bret
    26. Die Eleganz des Igels – Muriel Barbary
  • Sit and wait

    It is quiet on the mountain
    It is quiet by the lake
    It is quiet at the seashore
    Where I just sit and wait

    Where I sit and wait for thoughts
    Where I sit and wait for words
    Where I sit and wait so long
    Until it starts to hurt

    Until all of my feelings
    Come crashing over me
    Until I can’t escape
    What I really need to see

    What usually is covered
    By all the noise around
    By all those nagging voices
    And disturbing city sounds

    And as the noises stop
    I start to comprehend
    Everything that hurts
    Just helps me to understand

    Just like a stone blocking a cave
    That you have to remove
    To bring in all the light
    When you want to find the truth

    When everything is quiet
    When no one is around
    Someone whispers me the answers
    So I can write them down

    So I sit quiet on the mountain
    I sit quiet by the lake
    I sit quiet at the seashore
    I just sit and wait


  • Danit – Nauraleza

    I just quickly wanted to share a beautiful song that I had on repeat constantly for the past couple of days.
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Danit – Naturaleza (Mose Edit)



    And also a big, big, big thanks to everyone who is hanging out with me and my thoughts on here more or less often,
    very much appreciated <3

    Talk to you soon again


  • The Keys

    Wherever I go
    I always miss those keys
    The feeling when my fingers touch the smooth, polished surface
    The moment before I push them down
    It is filled with silence
    But already holds all the tones that are about to come
    A pause
    Before I pour my heart all over it
    And then with a soft pressure
    The first note escapes
    Breaking the stillness
    The first raindrop of a thunderstorm
    My hands begin to tremble
    My fingers start to run faster
    Up and down
    In waves
    Out of my control
    I am out at sea
    In a little boat
    Guided by an external force
    The melodies come crashing in
    Shaken to the core by what is going on outside
    I am unable to escape the motion
    But try to move with it
    Sometimes drowning under water
    Holding my breath
    Feeling the beauty in the roughness
    Of these crooked tones
    Sometimes floating on the surface
    Dancing on the water
    In total harmony
    No matter where I am
    I let go
    I let go of myself and give in
    to this black and white storm
    This melodious depth
    This musical force
    Let it carry me
    I forget about time and space
    Only me, my hands and these keys
    Until the storm pulls away
    The winds settle
    And with the last raindrop
    I release the pressure
    And take my hands away
    The final note still hanging in the air
    Is taken over by silence
    Which still vibrates from all the tones that just escaped
    And I feel relieved
    I always miss those keys
    Wherever I go



    While I wrote this I was listening to Jean-Michel Blais. Incredibly beautiful piano music!
    You can listen to it here

    Talk to you soon again

  • So, what’s your job? / Herzsache

    On my trip to Mexico in 2017 I met a German guy in my hostel and we decided to explore some Mayan ruins together. Of course I first asked him what his job was and and we talked a round about his and my profession. But only at the end of the day we spent togeher I found out that he was making music and wrote lyrics in his free time. Suddenly, when he was talking about that, there was a sparkle in his eyes which immediately got to me. It gave me a totally new impression of him. And boy, I was impressed by his messages, lyrics and beats when I got a first listen on the busride home.

    This story always reminds me to try to start a conversation not by asking what someone is doing for a job but what their true passion is. What excites them. What do they love to do. Their „Herzsache“ (matter of the heart). That usually tells such a more powerful story about a person than a jobtitle. And in the best case passion and job are even the same thing!

    Long story short, please give this talented gentleman, Renas, with his intelligent wordgames and heartfilling lyrics a listen because the world needs more people and messages like this!!

    Leg die Hand auf meine Brust
    Und höre drauf, was mein Herz halt so brummt
    innere stimme der Vernunft
    dass die meisten für sie Taub sind
    ist für Vieles hier der Grund

    Renas Tokan – Herzssache

    Listen on Spotify

    Talk to you soon again

  • Mary Oliver – The Journey

    Mary Oliver – The Journey

    One day you finally knew
    What you had to do, and began,
    Though the voices around you
    Kept shouting
    Their bad advice‚
    Though the whole house
    Began to tremble
    And you felt the old tug
    At your ankles.
    “Mend my life!”
    Each voice cried.
    But you didn’t stop.
    You knew what you had to do,
    Though the wind pried
    With its stiff fingers
    At the very foundations‚
    Though their melancholy
    Was terrible.
    It was already late
    Enough, and a wild night,
    And the road full of fallen
    Branches and stones.
    But little by little,
    As you left their voices behind,
    The stars began to burn
    Through the sheets of clouds,
    And there was a new voice,
    Which you slowly
    Recognized as your own,
    That kept you company
    As you strode deeper and deeper
    Into the world,
    Determined to do
    The only thing you could do‚
    Determined to save
    The only life you could save.

    Yes, it can be really hard to just follow your own heart and go on your own path despite what everyone around you is saying. And this poem by Mary Oliver really covers a lot of feelings I have towards that topic. Maybe it also speaks to you and encourages you to go your own individual way and also to continue to do so although it might get tough at times. The struggle will be worth it!

    Talk to you soon again


  • The soul

    Yesterday evening a local Band from Sri Lanka played at the hotel I was staying and their songs, lyrics and also the lead singer’s voice really really blew my mind (Yes, they might have a new groupie now). And I did not want to withhold them from you. They are called ‘The Soul’ and recently recorded an Album which you can find on Spotify.

    I especially loved their song ‘Butterflies in flight’ which you can also find here:


    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    Talk to you soon again


  • Der rechte Fleck

    Und ich laufe durch die Nacht
    bin von der Stille aufgewacht
    Hab keinen Weg und auch kein Ziel
    Licht aus, die Dunkelheit verrät nicht viel

    Beim Aufbruch hab ich niemanden geweckt
    Aus Angst sie hielten mich zurück
    Hab’s fast nicht aus der Tür geschafft
    und mich am Ende doch noch aufgerafft

    Jetzt wander ich allein umher
    kein Mensch hier, die Straßen leer
    Meine Gedanken treiben mich voran
    Die Angst ist groß, ich komm nie an

    Aufbruch, Losrennen und schnell weg
    Auf der Suche nach dem rechten Fleck
    Weiß niemals ob ich richtig bin
    Ist das der Weg, wo muss ich hin

    An der Kreuzung steht ein Mann
    und er sieht mich fragend an
    wär schön, wenn du hier bei mir bleibst
    nur solange bis’ dich weitertreibt

    Es tut mir leid, das kann ich nicht
    und lauf schon los während ers noch spricht
    Ich muss alleine weitergehen
    und zuerst einmal mich selbst verstehen

    Die Füße tun schön langsam weh
    Der Asphalt ist hart auf dem ich geh
    Eine Stimme fragt „ist es noch weit“
    Ich dreh mich hier doch nur im Kreis

    Aufbruch, Losrennen und schnell weg
    Auf der Suche nach dem rechten Fleck
    Weiß niemals ob ich richtig bin
    Ist das der Weg, wo muss ich hin

    Und ich denke schon ich find ihn nicht
    da trifft ein Lichtstrahl mein Gesicht
    und auf der Straße vor mir gehen Leute
    Schön, dass du endlich da bist, hör ichs von der Seite

    Aufbruch losrennen und schnell weg
    auf der Suche nach dem rechten Fleck
    Scheint als ob ich endlich richtig bin
    Das ist mein Weg hier will ich hin


    Just returned from a 10 day Vipassana meditation course and though I don not think I am glowing in the dark now I do feel a lot lighter, reliefed and happy :). The schedule was pretty tight, you get up at four, you’re not allowed to talk, read, write, exercise or have any interaction with anyone around you. Basically it’s 10 hours of meditation straight every day (100hrs in total). It was already my second 10 day Vipassana and I really have to say I foud a gemstone for myself and I do think that everyone can really profit from the technique that is taught there. The main goal is insight and awareness which is achieved by ‘examing’ the whole body and it’s sensations with the mind. It is free from any religion and believe and basically free of charge because it’s donationbased. I do not want to convince or convert anyone here but if you are interested there is more information on the Website (dhamma.org) and you can also ask me anything about it if you want. And by the way Vipassana centers are to be found all over the world.

    One more positive effect is that it has always been very fruitful for my creativity and writing so there’s more stuff in the making for this little space here. For now I only wanted to share some lyrics of a song I wrote a couple of years ago that kept coming up throughout the course.

    Here’s also a recording of the song
    Der rechte Fleck (Soundcloud)

    Talk to you soon again

  • Sri Lanka, here I come!

    New adventures ahead!

    I am currently on a train to the airport in Vienna catching a plane to Sri Lanka where I’ll be spending the next months. There’s no return date yet. First stop will be a 10 day vipassana meditation course and then I’ll probably head south to catch some waves and thoughts to write about. Looking forward to this new country, new culture and new inspiration and I’m happy if you come along with me through this little blog

    As I’m writing this I’m listening to Nil Ciuró. Beautiful beautiful music! Give it a listen!

    Spotify Nil Ciuró – Futuralgia

    Soundcloud Nil Ciuró – Futuralgia

    Talk to you soon again.


    P.S.: Flying is still one of the most magical things in the world <3