• Adventures calling

    On a plane high up in the sky
    Below snowcapped mountains are passing by
    Up here the engines are hauling
    But I only hear how foreign adventures are calling


  • Fragments

    Life often doesn’t draw a precise picture
    We see tiny fragments through the cracks
    But trust, with time the structure
    Will fill in all the blanks


  • Promise

    I do not know
    If we will be together
    Through any storm
    Through any weather

    But I will try to fall in love with you
    Every single day anew



  • Fluid Wisdom

    Don’t tell me that water is not alive
    The lakes, the rivers and the oceans
    For they have told me more truth
    Than any human ever did

    The mystic of the ocean

  • Violet


    Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable
    Mary Oliver

  • Dancing in the dark


    Deep down where all the lights are out
    There’s only one way left
    Straight through all the darkness
    Where all our fears are kept

    With my arms and heart open
    I let myself fall
    Embracing the shadows
    For they are all a part of my soul

    And in the dim I will dance
    With each and everyone
    No matter how dark the melody
    Giving in to all of their songs

    I let them teach me
    Their screams pierce through my ears
    But the closer I let them
    The more I let go of my fears

    At the end of our soul straining sways
    After they pushed me all around
    I find myself lying dizzy
    On reality’s solid ground

    There’s a delicate silence
    After this dark, desperate fight
    I pull myself together
    And start walking firmly towards the light

    Picture: Thomas Achter

  • How does love grow


    How does love grow
    And where do I get the seed
    Can I get it at the store around the corner
    Or do I order it online
    Where do I have to plant it
    What kind of soil do I have to use
    How much light does it need
    How much attention
    How much nourishment
    How much do I have to do
    And how much does it grow on its own
    How do I know if it needs a new pot
    When it’s roots have grown so big
    That it takes up more space than before
    What If I decide to change and move
    Does it grow with me into the same direction
    Can it adapt to a new environment
    is it sometimes better to leave it behind
    Or should I sacrifice myself so it can stay
    In its familiar surroundings
    What if I forget to water it
    How fast does it run dry
    How long after can I still safe it
    What kind of fertilizer do I use
    Is it good to talk to it
    Or just let it be
    to naturally heal on its own
    And if it is dying
    Is it worth fighting for
    And for how long
    When do I know
    That no new life will come
    out of these dead stems any more
    And what do I do with it if it is so
    Do I just throw it away immediately
    Or do I let the dried out branches linger around
    Watering the dead soil
    Denying that it has ceased to exist
    How long do I have to mourn
    And be reminded of our time together
    in every other plant I see
    When is the right time to accept
    When is the right time to let go
    When is the right time to plant a new seed


  • Dear road

    2019-08-17 14.13.55-4

    Dear road
    So long and so wide
    You’ve been my companion
    On so many rides

    You’re a good one
    We always got along fine
    You showed me the world
    I just had to follow your line

    I took your lead
    Even on your bumpiest ways
    And with each detour
    You brought me right to this place

    I would not be here
    If it weren’t for you
    I found the world at your edges
    And a lot of myself too

    But I am tired
    I have to admit
    You’ve become too winding
    Maybe it’s time to quit

    My feet need to rest
    I hear the grasping of my heavy heart
    My head is spinning
    I think it’s time we depart

    Farewell for now
    And thanks a lot
    I will get out here
    This is my stop


  • Summerday’s remnants


    In clear cold water
    Gently carried by the waves
    Float the memories
    Of those two summer days


  • Trainride


    Destination Daydream
    on a train track of thoughts
    while world’s visions vanish


  • Ruhepause


    Nach langer weiter Reise
    Komm ich endlich hier zu Ruh
    Den Bergen so gewaltig und so leise
    Schau ich nun beim Schweigen zu

    Obwohl sie hier schon ewig steh’n
    Ungebeugt von Sturm und Wind
    Hab’n sie so viel mehr geseh’n
    Als ich weit gereistes Menschenkind

    Eine Weile will ich bleiben
    Lass die Welt an mir vorüberzieh’n
    Die Seele baumelt, will verweilen
    Will nicht gleich wieder fliehen

    Aber meine Füße sind nicht aus Granit
    Die Gedanken sehnen sich nach Meer und Weite
    Mein wandernd Herz es pocht und zieht
    Und das Fernweh tritt an meine Seite

    Selbst die bewegungslosen Berge
    War’n nicht seit je an diesem Ort
    Standen einst in weiter Ferne
    und irgendwann sind auch sie fort

    Also steh ich auf und geh
    Erfrischt von dieser Ruhepause
    Wie immer tut der Abschied weh
    Aber in der weiten Welt bin ich zu Hause


  • Nowhere

    Going nowhere is my favorite direction


  • Sensation diary

    When I look at my photographs
    From places far away
    It’s as if my feet touch the sand
    The scent of the open world starts to swirl about my nose
    Contentment softly strokes my skin
    My hair gets whirled by freedom’s breeze
    Rays of wonder start to blind my eyes
    My heart beat races against time’s ticking arm
    And my thoughts run off into the wild


  • Blue Balloon


    While I dream of finding back home
    I watch a helium filled blue ballon
    On his flight across the cloud sprinkled sky
    Leaving solid grounds and reaching up high

    Maybe in order to find your way home
    You first have to wander off on your own
    Leaving familiar faces and blinding believes
    To find out where your own story leads

    The moment you lift off might cause pain and fear
    As the world below you starts to disappear
    It tears you apart to leave your loved ones behind
    They’ll try to grab you and pull you back inside

    As you realize that you’re ascending alone
    you probably wish you would have never left home
    You start to search for a way back
    But the wind catches you and puts you on the right track

    And within the air’s light embrace
    You lift higher into divinities grace
    And the freedom of the boundless blue sky
    Let’s you soon forget the worries before you started to fly

    You start to enjoy your solitary ride
    and realize you can go wherever you like
    Nothing and no one is holding your string
    And you start to hear the desires you’ve been hiding within

    While your story begins to unfold
    You start to see through the lies you’ve been told
    And that there is nothing wrong with whoever you are
    Everything is possible and no dream too far

    You will inspire the ones who watch from below
    Showing them how easy is it is to let go
    And some of them will also start to go high
    Coming to meet you up in the sky

    Little blue balloon continue your flight
    Always remember there is no wrong or right
    If you keep following the call of your soul
    You will always, always be home


  • Under the apple tree

    Under the apple tree from where I write
    I witness a dance between shadow and light
    lead by wind’s whisper they sprinkle the stage
    beneath the hovering pen and on the blank page
    Lady Light in her round, yellow gown
    Sir shadow in grey fills up the space all around
    While he forever stays firm in one place
    she sways softly projected by the sun’s rays
    Their intimate waltz lets me set down the pen
    adhering these words inspired by them


  • The eagle

    This morning
    I watched an eagle pass by my balcony
    I admired his grace
    As he floated in the wind so effortlessly
    I asked how could I get so wild and free
    To put my life on thin air
    To trust the flow as he
    His wings spread wide
    He presents himself fully with pride
    And gracefully goes
    Wherever the wind blows
    But to change his action
    He simply performs a single flap
    Into a different direction
    And with an envious sigh
    I watched him go high
    Trying to follow him with my eye
    But he soon disappeared in the sky
    And my heart released a desireful cry
    Oh my, oh my
    I wish I could fly


  • Sit and wait

    It is quiet on the mountain
    It is quiet by the lake
    It is quiet at the seashore
    Where I just sit and wait

    Where I sit and wait for thoughts
    Where I sit and wait for words
    Where I sit and wait so long
    Until it starts to hurt

    Until all of my feelings
    Come crashing over me
    Until I can’t escape
    What I really need to see

    What usually is covered
    By all the noise around
    By all those nagging voices
    And disturbing city sounds

    And as the noises stop
    I start to comprehend
    Everything that hurts
    Just helps me to understand

    Just like a stone blocking a cave
    That you have to remove
    To bring in all the light
    When you want to find the truth

    When everything is quiet
    When no one is around
    Someone whispers me the answers
    So I can write them down

    So I sit quiet on the mountain
    I sit quiet by the lake
    I sit quiet at the seashore
    I just sit and wait


  • Love will find you

    Love will find you
    Love will find you in the most lonely situations
    Love will find you in the biggest crisis
    Love will find you in the most fundamental doubts
    Love will find you through the heaviest rain
    Love will find you in the biggest storm
    Love will find you in the deepest despair
    Love will find you in the most abandoned places
    Love will find you when you are all alone
    Love will find you wherever you are
    Love will find you whoever you are
    Love will find you without warning
    Love will find you without effort
    Love will find you without grand gestures
    Love will find you softly
    Love will find you unexpectedly
    Love will find you unannounced
    Love will find you just like that
    Love will find you anyway
    Love will find you


  • Wild thunder

    I am a wild thunder of emotions
    Uncountable and untamed
    they storm
    within me
    over me
    and out of me
    It is my temperament
    Nothing I can escape
    But you told me to keep it at bay
    Because you could not handle all of me
    So I let myself be tamed
    I locked it all
    behind a calm and quiet face
    But underneath this tranquil masquerade
    Thunder and Lightning
    were still seething in my soul
    Growing stronger and wilder than ever
    And let us be honest
    a raging thunder can not be tamed
    So on the day
    this trembling tornado of emotions
    finally broke out of me
    it just blew you away


  • I wake up early

    I wake up early
    to witness
    How darkness turns into light
    How the world awakens
    How new life begins
    In an endless circle
    Day and night, night and day
    taking their turns in an infinite play
    Two forces so vigorous
    That even the sky’s boundless stage
    is only big enough for each at a time
    Instead of outplaying the other
    they share their space equally
    Everyone presents their act
    in their own time
    Without interruption
    Each waiting silently behind the scenes
    Until it is their turn again
    No fight, No war, No envy
    Just awe and respect
    for their divine counterpart
    The roles are distributed fairly
    One could not perform without the other
    The play would be incomplete
    And in the small glimpse
    when night exits and day enters
    In the short marriage
    of darkness and light
    They bear an ascending awakening of life
    Every day anew
    So I wake up early
    To witness the infinite play
    Of day and night



    I am not just a body
    to serve all of your pleasures

    I am not just a vessel
    to hold all of your desires

    I am not just a canvas
    for your lust’s projections

    I am not just a toy
    you can fool around with anytime

    I am not just a mouth
    for your lips to tease

    I am not just a shell
    you can crawl into whenever you please

    I am a mind
    I am a heart
    I am a soul
    I am a woman


  • In between the dark

    In between the dark
    In a streak of light
    A feline shadow hides
    Watching day turn into night


  • Swimming


    on fluid freedom
    embraced by clarity