• Running meditation

    I run and I run
    Let all the thoughts come
    I run and I run
    Till all thoughts are gone


  • Follow your heart

    Your heart knows the way
    Don’t let your eyes fool you
    While they only see what they know
    The heart perceives what’s way beyond


  • Fluid wisdom

    Don’t tell me that water is not alive
    The lakes, the rivers and the oceans
    For they have told me more truth
    Than any human ever did



    As I watch you sleeping
    I try to find out what I feel
    Could this be something
    Could this be something real

    Will we last forever and ever
    Are you the one?
    And if it gets windy
    Can we make it through the storm

    Can we be good to each other
    Even at times when it seems that we can’t
    Can we accept the other
    Including all the parts we don’t understand

    Can you hold me tight
    On days when I’m falling
    And can you set me free
    On days when the world is calling (for me)

    Are we able to let us
    Go our own and individual way
    Watch and cheer from the sideline
    And jump in if one of us goes astray

    Are we willing to forgive
    All the mistakes we will make
    Can we look past our faults
    And always see the person behind the mistake

    Will we remain honest friends 
    Throughout the years
    And communicate clearly
    All of our desires, insecurities and fears

    Will we continue to laugh
    About nonsense, this mad world and ourselves
    Can we keep it lightly
    Even if life puts heavy weights on our shelves 

    Will our bodies still desire each other
    Even after the thousandth touch
    Still long for the ecstasy
    Of which we can’t get enough

    Will you still love me 
    When I’m old and grey
    when my eyes and breasts are wrinkled
    And my booty shows signs of decay

    Will we hold hands
    On that day when death invites one of us to leave
    Will the memories we have built together
    Save us from drowning in grief

    Will this life be better
    If we stay together?

    All of these questions
    Are floating around
    Do we need all the answers
    To figure this out?

    Because for now we are here
    Wrapped up side by side
    and as I watch you breathing
    There’s no place I’d rather hide

    We’ll just take it from here
    One step at a time
    No rush and no hurry
    Let’s just follow the signs

    I’ll give you my all
    For as long as I can
    For as long as you
    Decide to be my man

    And then you woke up
    And your gaze met mine
    I put the questions aside
    And our bodies simply intertwined


  • Art

    I long to talk about all the things I feel
    But it’s too much for many
    If things start to get too real
    When you unpack the garbage in front of their eyes
    Start to uncover all of the lies
    And you show them what’s really inside your heart
    That’s why I put my feelings into my art
    My writing, my music, my photography
    So everybody who wants can come and see
    How I make a straddle
    Through life’s constant battle
    Maybe they can relate too
    It might safe them a sorrow or two
    Because we are all wading through a puddle of dirt
    With clenched teeth, scratched skin and a torn shirt
    Fidgeting blindly and lying prone
    But all of us have to fight this battle alone
    No one else can remove your pain
    All they can do is hand you a cane
    For you to lean on
    For you to carry on
    Because we can help each other if we share
    How we feel when we end up down there
    Helpless, anxious and with no hope
    Maybe as a last resort we even start to pray to the pope
    But you do not have to wander all the way to Rome
    Eventually all the roads lead to your home
    To your soul, to your self
    And don’t doubt your mental health
    It can’t always be sunshine and rainbows
    What life’s struggle really shows
    Is how much potential you have
    And with each breath you manage to stay alive
    Though you may have reached your physical height
    Your spirit grows further and may take flight
    When you look back and you see how far you have come
    You’ll realize that we are all one

    So we should share our view
    Especially if we made it through
    We have to go back and pick those ones up
    Who are still struggling, who are still stuck
    Because next time it might be us who need direction
    Or a bandage for our soul’s fraction

    And I can truly say
    That art has already saved me in so many ways
    When you know you are not the only one
    Who feels empty, scared and alone
    That already eases the dark
    It’s like borrowing a lighter to ignite your own spark

    Our greatest gift is to learn from and with each other
    We’d still live in caves if we acted completely separate from one another
    That’s why we should talk about how we are feeling
    It’s not selfish, it’s healing

    So with my art I try to draw a map
    But please never forget
    That this is my way and might not be yours
    But it might inspire a lost sailor to find a new course


  • Mirror conversation

    You don’t need to be perfect
    You put that pressure on yourself
    You say to you all those things
    You would never dare say to anyone else

    When you look at the mirror
    All you see is faults and flaws
    Constantly comparing what is
    To what once was

    Wrinkles and lines
    Red dots and scars
    Thinning, grey hair
    Too much weight and stretch marks

    When will you see that they are nothing
    But a beautiful gift
    A visible sign and a constant reminder
    Of all the years you have lived

    Signs from everything that brought your here
    Tracing back the long way you’ve come
    All the roads you have traveled
    All the battles you’ve won

    You’ve been through it all
    You’ve made it till here
    Still, you stand in front of the mirror
    Wishing all of it would just disappear

    You want to smooth it all out
    Cover it up
    Tear down the layers
    Make it all stop!

    Well, who are you then?
    A surfaceless face
    A picture perfect model
    With an empty, lifeless gaze

    I just wish you could see
    What I do
    This masterpiece of life’s art
    Yeah, I am talking to you


  • Phönix

    Wie bist du nur hier reingekommen
    Ich dacht ich hätte alles abgesperrt
    Doch da stehst du nun
    Mittendrin in meinem Herz

    Mit dem Willkommen
    Tu ich mir etwas schwer
    Das letzte Mal, dass jemand hier war
    Ist schon eine Weile her

    Die Meisten die bis hierher kamen
    Haben mein Haus in Brand gesteckt
    Seitdem sitz ich in den grauen Resten
    Still und ganz verschreckt

    Auch du wirkst leicht verstört
    Von dem was du hier siehst
    Ich kann sehen wie du zitterst
    Weil der kalte Wind dir um die Ohren zieht

    Trotzdem kommst du langsam auf mich zu
    Und lachst mich schüchtern an
    Du nimmst mich bei der Hand
    Und auf einmal wird es warm

    Ist es wirklich wahr
    Dass der Phönix aus der Asche steigt
    Und sich mit einem Flügelschlag
    Von der Erinnerung befreit

    Ich glaube es wird Zeit
    Hier etwas aufzuräumen
    Um wieder Platz zu machen
    Zum Lieben und zum Träumen


  • Happiness forensics

    When I am sad
    I sometimes look at photographs
    Of happy days
    I look closely
    Trying to find
    What put that smile on my face


  • Womenhood

    I bow to all the women
    Who walk this path with me
    Who reign their lives
    So strong and fierce and gracefully

    I bow to all my sisters
    Who suffered all this pain
    In a world so full of madness
    They stay calm, compassionate and sane

    I bow to all the girls
    Who manage to grow up
    And no man or rule or boundary
    Could ever make them stop

    I bow to all the mothers
    Who nurture humankind
    Without their care and love
    We’d all die of hunger or go blind

    I bow to all the ones before
    Who paved this weary way
    Who fought for all the rights
    That we take for granted every day

    I bow to all the women
    Who walk this path with me
    The world could not exist
    Without divine collective femininity