• Running meditation

    I run and I run
    Let all the thoughts come
    I run and I run
    Till all thoughts are gone


  • Depression

    I’m just so tired
    Trying to explain
    The state that I’m in
    That I feel all this pain

    It’s so dark where I am
    the last match has burned out
    And nobody hears
    How I desperately shout

    And I am so sorry
    To put that burden on you
    You’re my last resort
    I don’t know what else to do

    I need you right now
    I’m falling apart
    There seems nothing left
    The world is breaking my heart

    There’s this question
    That keeps me awake
    How can something so shattered
    Continue to break


  • Phönix

    Wie bist du nur hier reingekommen
    Ich dacht ich hätte alles abgesperrt
    Doch da stehst du nun
    Mittendrin in meinem Herz

    Mit dem Willkommen
    Tu ich mir etwas schwer
    Das letzte Mal, dass jemand hier war
    Ist schon eine Weile her

    Die Meisten die bis hierher kamen
    Haben mein Haus in Brand gesteckt
    Seitdem sitz ich in den grauen Resten
    Still und ganz verschreckt

    Auch du wirkst leicht verstört
    Von dem was du hier siehst
    Ich kann sehen wie du zitterst
    Weil der kalte Wind dir um die Ohren zieht

    Trotzdem kommst du langsam auf mich zu
    Und lachst mich schüchtern an
    Du nimmst mich bei der Hand
    Und auf einmal wird es warm

    Ist es wirklich wahr
    Dass der Phönix aus der Asche steigt
    Und sich mit einem Flügelschlag
    Von der Erinnerung befreit

    Ich glaube es wird Zeit
    Hier etwas aufzuräumen
    Um wieder Platz zu machen
    Zum Lieben und zum Träumen


  • Womenhood

    I bow to all the women
    Who walk this path with me
    Who reign their lives
    So strong and fierce and gracefully

    I bow to all my sisters
    Who suffered all this pain
    In a world so full of madness
    They stay calm, compassionate and sane

    I bow to all the girls
    Who manage to grow up
    And no man or rule or boundary
    Could ever make them stop

    I bow to all the mothers
    Who nurture humankind
    Without their care and love
    We’d all die of hunger or go blind

    I bow to all the ones before
    Who paved this weary way
    Who fought for all the rights
    That we take for granted every day

    I bow to all the women
    Who walk this path with me
    The world could not exist
    Without divine collective femininity


  • Waiting

    I would like to write a song about you
    How much better you make my life
    But for now you’re just a dream
    I am still waiting for you to arrive

    I would write about that one time
    We swam out naked into the wild, endless sea
    And that there’s no one else
    Who makes me feel so easy and free

    I would write about that one time
    when you took my fear trembling hand
    And how you just seem to know
    How my wounds can be mend

    I would write about that one time
    When we talked the whole night
    And when the day woke with soft sun rays
    I slept in your arms holding me tight

    I would write abut that one time
    you gave me that earth shattering kiss
    And made my whole body shiver
    How did I ever live without this

    I would write about that one time
    When we fought and we screamed
    When I just could not stand you
    And our love felt not as strong as it seemed

    I would write about that one time
    When we nearly broke apart
    But realized that without each other
    We’d each live with only half of a heart

    I would write about all the times
    That we worked it out
    That our love grew so much stronger
    Which just makes me so damn proud

    I would write about
    How grateful I am
    That you are finally here
    That I waited my whole life
    For you to appear

    And I would like to tell you
    That you are the most precious one I know
    And for the rest of my life
    I’ll stay with you wherever you go

    But for now I just write
    That I am waiting for you
    And I hope that you are out there
    Trying to find me too