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I would like to write a song about you
How much better you make my life
But for now you’re just a dream
I am still waiting for you to arrive

I would write about that one time
We swam out naked into the wild, endless sea
And that there’s no one else
Who makes me feel so easy and free

I would write about that one time
when you took my fear trembling hand
And how you just seem to know
How my wounds can be mend

I would write about that one time
When we talked the whole night
And when the day woke with soft sun rays
I slept in your arms holding me tight

I would write abut that one time
you gave me that earth shattering kiss
And made my whole body shiver
How did I ever live without this

I would write about that one time
When we fought and we screamed
When I just could not stand you
And our love felt not as strong as it seemed

I would write about that one time
When we nearly broke apart
But realized that without each other
We’d each live with only half of a heart

I would write about all the times
That we worked it out
That our love grew so much stronger
Which just makes me so damn proud

I would write about
How grateful I am
That you are finally here
That I waited my whole life
For you to appear

And I would like to tell you
That you are the most precious one I know
And for the rest of my life
I’ll stay with you wherever you go

But for now I just write
That I am waiting for you
And I hope that you are out there
Trying to find me too


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